Slalom Sessions

Hey folks,

Post up slalom sessions here.

This Sunday 2pm Allawah session. Slight chance of rain, so call me 0417 499 404 if in doubt.

We skate on the bike track going around the field just by allawah station.

Hope to see some new faces,

Kel’s pretty keen. And I fear fast.
Hey Haggy remember the first Allawah.
May 1 2004.
Paul Price.



i’m keen - but a bit restricted with skate points what with the lttle feller…maybe one day.

Good session at Allawah yesterday.
I was convinced it was gonna rain, but picked up Colin and Eric and drove down. It drizzled a bit on and off to begin with, but stayed clear. Colin set a fun course and we had a good time… Tim was also there with his son Max. It was Tim’s first time running cones and he rocked it… See you all next time!

Next session - P5 Olympic Park on Thursday evening, kicking off about 1945 hrs.

That first day at Allawah was fun Scott. It’s still a choice spot. We’ll run some good single lane outlaws there for sure in 2006.

Yeah, i reckon Kel is gonna fly in the slalom. Just following him around Dulwhich hill yesterday - he just too off mate!

Scooter - get him out with us on Thursday!

Alright my fine fellow coneheads, hows about a slalom session on Sunday evening at 6.00 pm at P5, Homebush.

Haggy and I will be there, maybe with timing system for timing goodness.

I had my ever first skate in a skatepark last week (on a slaom board no less), so you folks gotta match my cross-discipline skills!

Bad timing. MAS*H bbq. Dulwich Hill is a good skatepark for a slalom board. Good work Bugs.

oh no, that is bad timing…
but i gotta work all day sunday so i can’t make the MASH bbq anyways.

So colin and i will head out to do some experimenting with the timing system and run some cones, anyone and everyone welcome.

It’s about time for a slalom session, no? I’ll have a spare board or two and the timing system will be there.

No prizes, no organisation, just fun - this Saturday.

So get your race face on. Shoot me a mail if you need help with directions etc.

P.S. The next race is pencilled in for March 18th.

Saturday Allawah. That’d be cool. Or did you have P5 in mind Bugs?

keen as a one armed fondler at a tit show :laughing:

i need to buy me a board…sooooooo… if anyone wants to sell one on the day i may be interested.

scoot, i already sent you an sms. if your rollin’ a lunch sk8 this week let me know. cool weather = can skate :slight_smile:

mbr pete

Nah, Allawah. It’s a lot easier for me to get to without a car. And there’s trees there for shade if it’s hot. And shops across the road for food and drinks.

Rode the new Axe last night and it’s a blast - the wedged tail is really nice.

Yeh im keen to try out the Axe.
Hey Pete, maybe friday lunch at Bra.

Just a reminder about tomorrow at Allawah. It’s at Kempt Field, right next to Allawah station, 3pm. If you’re thinking of catching the train, the bastards at cityrail are doing trackwork, so there are no trains - only buses.

Some videos:

Ill make a few calls and get the heavies in.

Get some practice in for the upcoming race!

P5 is the outermost carpark at the Olympic Stadium at Homebush. It’s a pretty mellow hill, so it’s good for beginners, and it’s lit up at night. Anybody who wants to roll is free to come along.

Mark, you were looking good on the slalom board this morning - you’ll carve it up.

Yep, practice at P5 this thursday night.

Any sessions coming up?

Possibly this Sunday at P5, at about 3pm. Kinda tentative at the moment…

Yeh Bugs. Sun 3pm - awsome.