Mick Sheehan rockin the sledge.

Skoot rocked his new sledge on Sunday. What a monster! Enough concave to swallow a small child and the most menaciing shape / profile ever! This board says “get outta my f*cken way or I’ll run your arse down” like the possesed prime mover in ‘Duel’

Seriously good work Braden.

She’s a monster alright…the logical??? progression of the late eighties shape, hand made by maniacs from an alternate universe.

You do get use to the concave. I got around to seting up the Sledge, the Kevin Harris and The Hosoi. Will post pics and words tonight. All 3 are freakn awsome.

Must have been difficult, since your used to a flat pig?

I like it Braden ,It felt funny at first but it gives the front foot good locked in traction it was nice and light for a big board. I look forward to droping her in at rivo or even bondi :smiley:

Braden, when did you and Mick get to Kensington??? Thanks for the invite!!

Lets go Wed nite?

Noice pic by the way.

tracker 184 / BDS Ultrathane dubcons. Feels awsome Braden. Looking forward to riding it at Bondi and Riverwood.

The Hosoi. Mosu didn’t like his. But I have to say I really like this setup. I’ll be riding the sledge more than this though. The Hosoi is closer to the 30x10 flat pig Im currently liking too. Tracker 6tracks and blackdeath minidubs. Feels very solid.

The Powell Kevin Harris freestyle. This reissue is damn cool. Single kick no concave. Real short wheelbase. I would have liked the front truck maybe an inch closer to the nose. I fitted a set of set of freestyle wheels from Outlook. Nice and wide for a small wheel with good offset (see pic). But I love the challenge and fun involved with riding rediculously small or big skateboards. A similar but slightly bigger setup is the new Sk8kings “Jester freestyle” which would be a lot easier to ride.

Just one more. New Retro slalom wheels from Abec11. The fastest urethane Ive ever riden on bitumen.

Is that a Tracker Slalom rear truck I spy in that last pic? Jeez Skoot your getting super tech with the slalom setup! What IS the deal with the offset axles on those style of trucks? Aids in controlling the rear or something?

Hey Sean, I did’nt take that pic!
Cool slalom setup Skoot!

Are they Tracker Mid tracks on the Harris Scott? I need a pair of them for my Powell Street Issue and a pair of Six tracks for the Cab when I get it.

No they are tracker fulltrax.
Midtrax = 6" axle
Fulltrax = 7" axle
I think Boarders at Manly have them.

BTW is this the cab your getting…


Ive got all the trackers Mick, just in the process of listing them.

Oh, cool. I couldn’t find em on here so I had a look at the Tracker site braden. Do you have yellow and chrome sticker packs, and copers and lappers too?

Naa Scott. I’m gonna get one of the Cab snub nose repros. I always wanted the same setup that Cab was riding in his very first sequence of a Caballerial, but was too ghetto to afford. From memory, it was an orange deck, green mini cubes (got em last week), tracker magnesiums (have to settle for sixtracks that I’ll paint yellow), and white and black plastics. Anyone know where I can get some white Rib-bones? Could be a problem finding, or waiting for Powell to do an orange Cab too.

I had a pair of Tracker Magnesiums once. Dunno what happened to them.

I dragged out my Cab on the weekend MM. It’s a green re-issue with 169’s and BDS Mini-dubs (Orange), Powell rails (reddy-orange). Not very OG in the set-up department but hella fun to ride :smiley:

Nice Steve. I was gonna get the green one we had at Monster, but one of the ARD lads already had it on hold. He said that if I got the blue one he would swap it with me, but I don’t want to go overboard with colour matching.

When I did the last Powell order, John told me that the next run of Cabs are gonna be pink. Ewww… Jamie might like it though. We have a yellow Rodrigues and a purple McGill in stock at the moment if anyone’s after em. There’s a set of green and a set of black mini cubes in there too.

Michael there is a guy who posts on CDS called Jimmy who used to get rib bones in. Look him up in the memberslist, he may have a set or two kicking around.