Spots in Sydney

Hey, I’m going to be in Sydney for a few days the first week of April. I looked through and found a few places that look fun to skate, but I have not yet got a map and don’t know how well public tranportation will get me around. I will be staying at the Hilton on George Street as my girlfriend is there for work, but won’t have funds for a rental car or anything. Bondi looks like a great place to skate!
How crowded does it get on weekdays? Any other suggestions, like indoor parks in case of rain would be great too.
Cool places to drink and hear music are also on the list if anyone has suggestions.


Bondi is your closest venue, with the exception of the two small parks in Annandale (and the old metal 1/2 pipe in North Sydney).

Crowds at Bondi are ok during mid week as long as its not school holidays. The Easter School holidays are in April this year so that could be a problem.

Public transport to Bondi is good get a train from town hall (or Martin Place) and go to Bondi Junction then a bus to Bondi (takes anywhere from 30 mins to an hour)

Id like to suggest you check out Dulwich Hill Skate Park and Riverstone as well.

For maps check out the following website

Dont skate at Lakemba the Bowl is next to a Mosque!

nice blog link in your profile.

Lakemba Bowl :laughing:

David, Bondi will keep you occupied if it’s only a few days. The bowl is like crack :wink: Check back here when you arrive and we’ll hook you up with a mid-week night session here.

Cool, thanks. So what’s wrong with the mosque? Islamic people don’t like skaters? I was reading on some spots around there and they say they have trouble. I won’t be carrying much money around or anything anyhow.

How about Maroubra? That place looks cool too. If I bring a backpack with me and stash lunch and a camera in it will it be safe at any of these spots to leave it next to the bowl/fence?

Thanks skateexec! I will coming over with my girlfriend, she is speaking at a Vetrinary medicine conference, hence the free trip. I will probably need to do couple type things at night, but she’s working for four days and I get to go do my thing during the day.

On that note, after she is done with her work we will be around for a few more days and looking for less expensive hotels. How much do places on the beach go for around there?

Seriously no need to fear for your safety here and yes, belongings are safe at parks pretty much as they would be at home for you.

Some of the other boys might help with ? $ accom on the Beach. Bondi is your best bet - I’d reckon on A$200-250 a night roughly.

Another way to get to Bondi or Maroubra from the Hilton is to walk the few blocks up to Hyde Park and catch a bus - the 380 to Bondi and I forgot what the Maroubra bus is, but hey, there are timetables etc there.

For accomodation real close to Bondi I can recomend the Swiss Grand Hotel right on Bondi Beach - it ought be cheaper than the Hilton!

200-250 a night is a bit much! We are not paying for the Hilton, it’s part of my girlfriends deal for speaking at the conference. I will look for the Swiss Grand on google, but I was hoping you guys might have some low cost places over there. At the beach towns here there are usually places on the beach that are dirt cheap when it it isn’t summer. (is is mid-fall there right?) We might look into traveling to one of your national parks too, we want to see countryside more than city life. Where we live is more or less a very small town. They set us up a deal where we will go to Auckland for 3 days on the way home too.

Better get some reserves on the Fosters, I plan to do some drinking! Woo-Hoo!

Dulwich looks like the shit! I might have to bring the longboard too if I can get it on the plane. It seems like you guys have parks everywhere, some of the snake runs look really cool, like old 70s style. I’m an old man I really just like to carve and grind, nothing fancy.

What kind of boards do you guys ride? I have been making my own decks as I like the 80s boards(I’m 39) and they really just started coming out with the re-issues. I skate Indy 215s and a fairly big deck. I have a SMA Bindy Baggs longboard I ride around the hood and downhill a little.

Firstly - we don’t drink Fosters here but we will ply you with plenty of beer be sure.

Beachside accomodation in Sydney is expensive all over. There is a backpackers in Bondi but I doubt you’d enjoy the come down from the Hilton to it.

You might consider The Blue Mountains west of Sydney for a look at nature / scenery escape. Accomodation in the Blue Mountains you’ll find at more reasonable rates. Bed n breakfasts are common and there’s plenty to see there.

There is more accomodation around the Bondi area e.g. the Beach Road Hotel, Royal Hotel, but most of the old cheaper motels have gone the way of the Dodo…

Oh, you’ll fit right in with our mob - being of the same age demographic thingie… We have a bit of a selection of rides between us, some go for the popsicle deck or wider versions thereof, others the old style wider decks etc…

And I’ll second the Fosters thing - its not particularly popular hereabouts! You won’t suffer a lack of choice otherwise.

Some links to find a place to stay :
or the ever popular google…

The Blue Mountains thing sounds good, I think Mary(my girl) said something about the area.

As far as Fosters goes I remember drinking with a guy from over there once. He refered to it as horse piss and said our beers were great. Fosters is a rather popular beer over here and the big cans are great for making drunk turkeys(turkey with a beer can up it’s ass, the beer baste the bird while it cooks and it is real good).

What are some good Aussie brands to look into? To be honest I think Fosters is the only one I have ever had. I like to eat and drink a lot, cooking is one of my hobbies so I’m anxious to check out the cuisine. My girl is into wine and wants to see some of the wine country as you guys make really good wines.

Also, what about Australian skate companies? I know there are some cool longboard makers but there ought to be some other cool stuff to be found. I need some sort of souvenir to bring back. I couldn’t find much via google.

Sorry to ask so many questions, but one more thing. How do most people over there feel about Americans? I know our goverment has been kind of harsh the past few years, and in general a lot of people over here are assholes. I’m more of the liberal type, and I didn’t vote for the guy we now have in office. Just had to get that out.

Lets see…beer, well wait till you get here to sample it I suppose!
The Hunter Region is fairly close to Sydney and has a ton of wineries - you can do daytrips from Sydney on a bus, or it may be a place to go if you are looking to head out of town for a few days.

Food: My suggestion is go for the seafood. Other than that, ummmm…dunno!

Aussie companies…well can I suggest a deck from the fine folk of BTS (Blacktown Skates) as created by our very own Groundhangers - a contributor to this very forum!

As for attitudes to Americans…oh you’ll be fine mate!


Take back some Aussie Coretech “Photon” wheels - you can be the only kid on the Alabamee block with 'em.

Far as decks go, our own Charliedontskate “Sledgehammer” may still be available. Though it’s an F-13 custom (from your part of the world) it’s a one off Aussie special and again, you’ll be the only roller in the south with this baby.

Alternately we could hook you up with a BTS Blacktown Skates square tail pool model - handcrafted here by our mate and forum member Groundhangers.

We all have differing opinions on our govts relationship with yours but no-one here (on this site) begrudges Americans per-se. We love you guys and love to show you what we’ve got here so you can go home and tell your buddies to get on down.

For additional accommodation check out and
Wotif has hotel deals and some smaller stuff. It is more on the last minute booking model but it will give you an idea on price and location.
Stayz is good for smaller, B&B, holiday houses etc. Specially if your thinking of doing a side trip.

Wines and a bit of country - then the Hunter Valley is for you. Plenty of taste testing, heaps of accomodation, foods great. You’ll need a car, unless you hook into a tour.

Beers = too many to list. Look out for Boags, Little Creatures, Red Back, Cascade, and anything by James Squires. If you want a bit of history while your having a drink buy a James Squire Amber Ale 6 pack for your hotel fridge…each bottle has a part of the James Squire story. But the best beer, mother’s milk, is anything made by Coopers.

A good road trip is a drive down the South Coast or North Coast. Dont plan it just drive and stick to the coast. I think the South Coast is a sensational drive. Plenty of beaches and skateparks. Heaps of simple B&B accomodation. Find a beach or area you like, drive around and find some accom and stay a while…beautiful.

Forsters make an Export beer which is actually really bloody good but for some reason its not available in Australia.

Hunter region does do ok wine but if your Girlfriend would rather see some real quality wine consider going to South Australia particularly the Clare Valley or Maclaren Valley. Alternatively you could go to Margret River region in West Australia which is also very good for wines (check out Flame Tree or Devil’s Lair 5th leg (yes it is a strange name for a wine)

West Australia and Sydney are a bit like west coast and East coast distances. South Australia is 1/2 way between.

I couldn’t see George Bush or Lil’ Johnny on a skateboard at any stage of their lives. Which probably means that we have more in common with you than either of them.

I was wrong

Wow, I didn’t know GW could skate. I still wish he’d take up managing a Wal-Mart or something instead of our economy.

Those proton wheels look sweet! I might be in for a set of the 58mm white ones, that would be just right for my new deck I’m pressing right now. I don’t know if the budget will hold skate stuff or not though. I googled for blacktown skates and could not find anything.

The Hunter valley sounds nice. We went to New York State last year and drove through thier wine region, it was a blast as we stopped at all these places and tasted just enough wine to get a buzz and then kept driving from place to place. This might sound silly, but I want a digeredoo too. I have an old friend that can play one well, he used to make them.