Springer in the USA

Just had a talk to Scotty and he is doing well traveling around CA in a similar setup to his Mobile Command Unit.

When he first got there he hooked up with Jake Brown, going to places such as Glendale, Chino, Palm Springs, Upland and SkateLab skateparks. He has been hanging extensively with the Badlands Crew ripping up all there local backyard pools in there territory and says that they are a great bunch of dudes that have similar goings on to the MASH sessions and hold night sessions on Sundays. Others that he has been hanging with is the DC crew. Darren Navarette has also been showing him around.
He got to skate Bob Burnquists ramp and now understands why he is so good.
Organic food is readily available anywhere, so he is eating 1000 times better than he would do at home, (Tofu munching Borf) even organic wine.

He says Jake entered the very first ever Vert Game of SKATE at Tampa Vert Park.
Each skater was required to call their trick before dropping in, the oponent has to match it.

Mike Frazier was playing with Jake. Mike threw down a switch hurricane. Since Jake never tried that before, he spent a minute on the deck going through the motions. He dropped in and pulled it – amazing. Jake made a few tricks for the first time during this Contest. Jake tried his first egg plant fakie - he made it on his third attempt to take 3rd place.

He has hours of footage and mentions that it tuff to film anything outside of skate parks “people get very offended” He was harrassed whilst filming in a sort of Quikie Mart and said it was gnarly. So now he just tries to hide the camera while doing so.

He misses the crew and says what we have going on here with the MASH Sessions and just the general hanging out in the skate scene here in Sydney is very similar if not better and we should feel pretty good about what we have going on here. In comparison he quotes “Syndey has a fucken rad skateboard scene dude” and hes glad that he a part of it.

Scotty Says Hi to all!

Will keep you updated!

If anyone would like to know how to get in contact with him or just call up and say Hi you can call his mobile on - 001116198506802 Best time to ring is after 12noon till 4pm our time = 5pm - 9pm CA


Scott would make the best team manager / coach I reckon. With the aussie / Jake connection - Blind should employ him to further foster vert talent.

Michael Mul theorised a skate depression maybe due - from which (I reckon) a revitalised vert scene will emerge.

Meantime, core skaters and co’s will stay true and skating will return to its roots.

Companies fostering vert talent now will reap the benefits then whilst all the fly-by-night and corporate hanger-on co’s in it for the $ will fall. Just like the mid eighties.

Steve, that is said in true Springer style. Rockon Punk

Attention!! Fang Incorperated to crash BTS in a multi-million dollar take over deal. Plans to shred through whats left of the Skate Industry are in progress working in conjunction with world leader Microsoft and wemen with big titties.

Luv’ da’ wimmin’ !