St Ives Skatepark upgrade is getting close

After the discussion in the Meadowbank thread with @sheff I decide to pull the finger out and contact the mayor at Ku-ring-gai. I have been slowly working my way through the council.

St Ives skatepark is getting an upgrade, and it has nothing to do with me, but I’m happy to talk about it and get the credit.

Design is done and approved, it is part of the new recreation precinct. Bowl, snake run and plaza. Looks pretty good. It is a sunken skatepark which gives it a dual purpose like the Colosseum…we can fill it full of water and have water games or dragon boat racing.

It goes out to tender in September October and construction starts in November 2019.

In a perfect world, skaters move like this…(this is the skatepark flow)


Information page is here

Yeah, they have been sitting on this one for sometime now. I signed a petition and then gave feedback and liaised with council in late 2016 and early 2017. Had forgotten about it when Ryde gathered momentum. Be nice if the bowl was a bit deeper. Seem to recall it being called a “youth outdoor or recreation precinct” which is the new buzz term for skatepark. Initial design was heavily weighted to a performance stage with A/V which has been toned down. This is geographically more convenient for me. Believe Allambie and Keirle Park are planned for rebuilds.21%20pm

But @sheff if they built the big A/V stage, you could be on stage with a microphone reciting skate history and folklore for the youngins while they skate…I mean scooter. Or maybe just giving a running commentary on the skating MC style!

Hey I just got an email from good man William at council regarding the skatepark he sent the following
“Thank-you for your interest in this project. The documents are currently being finalised and we are aiming to release for tender in November. Assuming a suitable contractor is secured during the tender process construction will begin early in the new year.”
It seems like they are still finalising stuff, It won’t be done till mid to late NEXT YEAR!!! oh well… At least I’m going to get a sick local skatepark!!!

Walked past St Ives a few weeks ago and saw the construction fencing was up! Hopefully this is the start of construction of the new park and not the council closing the old park due to covid!