St Kilda skatepark & Renton need YOU!


St Kilda skatepark needs you!!

The council are committed… but there is a lot of opposition from residents… Bottom line: The skaters need voices at the last meeting… it could be last shot at St Kilda getting a park, if it gets knocked back…

either way, we find out in three weeks if it goes ahead… it all hinges on the arguments put forward by the people for it and the people against it, at the last meeting next monday

The meeting is next Monday at St Kilda town hall… Council have told me that if the skaters run strong to the last meeting the park will go ahead, we just need to show them the numbers!!!

We just need to supply a valid argument to why the park should be there

6pm, 7th November

Council Chambers

St kilda town hall

cnr carlisle st, brighton road

St Kilda

We need as many skaters as possible to attend. Bring your mum and dad, your girlfriend, whoever, as long they support our cause. If Skateboarding in Melbourne has brought some kind of positivity to your life please invest an hour of your time for one more rad park!!!

please pass this on this info to any skaters you think loves skateboarding in Melbourne!!

Get Behind this!!!

Renton Millar