Hey all, there is a small group of us that skate sunday mornings at a few
locations in the south east suburbs, E.G.


We usually start around 8.30am and go till 11ish depending on the weather.
Anyone who would like to join us just watch this thread for where and when.

Looks like its Boxhill this week, :slight_smile:

hey guys we will be at box hill at about 8:30ish sunday morning as agreed

thanks, Ludi

This Sundays off as its mothers day so we are off to Fitzy Saturday
morning 8.30am onwards.

Hey all you Sunday morning rollers, Missed the Ring last night as Linda was on late shift, so will be keen for a roll this Sunday, so where do you reckon, maybe back to Ringwood. Let us know what the consensus is.

Hey Carl thats a friggin wild photo of you on the Charlie home page

Talk soon Steve 8)

Thanks Steve, Cam excelled with the snapshot, its an awsome pic.
I missed the ROF session last night too so i am keen for a skate.
I am up for Ringwood this Sunday for sure. Cya Sunday mate.

Hey Carl

John and Ching are off to Box Hill, so will go there instead I reckon, and maybe Ringwood later, weather permitting of course.

Steve :laughing:

Looks like the weather will be fine. So I am off to Ringwood around
8.30ish, then Franga in the afternoon around 3ish.

:laughing: Hey Carl,

Sorry about last week, I tried calling you few times but could not get through.

Ludi, Ching, John and probably myself will be at Ringa’s in the morning, so see you there. I hope I will make it, I have been in bed for 3 days this week with Gastro, what fun, came good today so will probably be up for it.

Hope to see you there


Where are we off to this Sunday guys, I am keen on Ringas again as I did not get top skate last Sunday, what to you all reckon.

Steve :laughing:

I am good for Ringwood again but am easy :slight_smile:

hey guys we probally wont be there as we are looking to go to ballarat with bad billy and the wednesday night crew, weather permitting

thanks, Ludi

Hey Karl

Sounds good, I will be there about 9ish as usual and will let Ching and John know.


Well I am planning to go to Ballarat with the rest of the gang Steve but
the weather isnt looking good so Ringwood is looking better at this stage,
will wait and see how the weather pans out.

Hey Karl

No worries, I may even consider Ballarat myself if the weather is O.K, what are the plans, leaving time and address, etc.

If not, will make it Rinwood then


Hey Dudes

Are we on for Sunday morning if the weather is O.K, but where is the next question, Ringa’s or Box Hill

Steve 8)

I’ll go where ever Steve slow bringing the knee back!

How about Ringwood then Ching as I will have the little one with me and it is closer to home and makes my life a bit easier. I will be there about 9 ish.

So for all you other Sunday Morning Dudes me and Ching will be at Ringood on Sunday Morning weather dependent.

See you all there, and I will be trying out my new harder wheels for the first time.

Steve :laughing:

Sounds good Steve, i will be there if the weather is good enough.
I hope your knee gets better soon Ching.

No Wuckers Karl

I think the showers on Sunday are for later in the day so we should be right.

See you there.

Steve 8)

Ringwood sounds good see you there.