Sunday super session(pools & pipe)19-03-06

Attention everyone! As Dr stoopid has mentioned in the rossville thead it would be awersome to hit up this pipe before the St.Ives pools there for making this one hell of a super session. I can bring daming and pool bailing equipment. 8)

P.S does anybody know what shape the rossville pipes are in? and if anyone say’s there in the shape of a elongated pipe, well i may just bash them.(going trend) :stuck_out_tongue:

well it dont rain no more so the pipes should be dry. and i bags bein the chef on the bbq . ill even wear a chefs outfit. this was such a great idea boris . you sir are are a genius. so what time is this super session starting .

Your idea is so brilliant Boris that I cannot resist. I have spoken to Errol and he should be coming, also Nick van Hoven. Add Mick, Jamie, and massive egoed old me, and that’s a pretty hardcore oldskool poolsquad already. But I still wanna see some MASHers flinging themselves at that wall. I think Errol, King of the Bowl, should put on a dog collar and conduct water-saving sk8 baptisms for first time over vert (roseville) and first time in a pool. Are you willing, Father Jones?

Sorry Borie, trying not to get too excitied incase I can’t make it. Your plan is brilliant. The pipe location, time please…

Does anyone live near Roseville? Willing to check out the pipes for their current skate? Mind you, its basically on the way to Snives, so no big deal if its unrideable on the day.

I’ll make those calls tomorrow lads. Today has been a bit of a doozey.

Im in. Sounds fun.

Steve, I meant to put these directions in with the map above (which is from the Roseville tennis club website, so look out for that, too). Its been a while, but I think this is right (Errol, correct me if I am wrong).

The two pipes run under Eastern Valley Way. You stop at the corner of Eastern V and Castle Cove. As you turn, there will be a service station on the left. Directly across from the servo there is a fence in front of a tree filled valley.
Jump the fence and follow a small track to the left. Woah, there’s two ten foot pipes :laughing: The far one (on the left as you face) is ALWAYS flowing with water, but that’s why the much lesser flow left for the pipe on the right can be successfully diverted. If it hasn’t rained for a while it may even already be dry. Otherwise, proceed to other end of pipe and place sandbags, begin sweeping. With a good crew the cleanout should take minutes 8)

After following directions above, do something like this (preferably minus extra body hair):

direction correction: jump the fence and follow the small track to the RIGHT (ie, back towards Eastern Valley Way).

Small track? there is a building above the pipes on the west side of the street, casually walk into the carpark then jump fence and take stairs to pipe.

Last time I was there it had moss (not the type from Melbourne) in both pipes and minor erosion damage at the base of each pipe

Do not attempt to enter the pipe from the park side as it is a fucking mission. (I did it first time I visited then I found the stairs)

Have fun!

iam so excited, i have never skated a fullpipe and the last time i skated a pool was about 17 years ago. i can’t wait sounds like a fun little adventure. what time and where do we meet?

holy crap! that looks like fun… hope to make it!

and hope to see some of you guys at the Slalom Jam tomorrow!

For Haggy and Scoot: it is possible to use a very ‘slalom-like’ approach to riding Roseville, if enough sections can be cleaned. You push along the pipe and then carve-pump from wall to wall, getting higher with each turn. Nicky Martin and I used to do this using a proper slalom set up in 70s (designed and constructed by old skool Richie).

The other way is to begin with fakies (amazingly easy with such a small radius).

Mosu, I don’t know my east from my west, but we all used to go the way I described. Never had any trouble.

General Warnings to All Comers(probably gratuitous):

  1. Bring a spae set of old wheels and bearings for pipe (and maybe boatramp). At the very least, remove all Rockin Rons and insert older already used bearings.

2.This ain’t gonna be a day at your government funded skatepark.

It is possible that we will not be able to ride Roseville at all.

It is always possible (but very unlikely) that we will get busted at the pool (maybe the once a month security is scheduled for that day, etc).

I view all this as part of the attraction (that ‘all that dogtown shit’ as Mustang Mark declared to me when he was taken to the underground, barely rideable marvel of Paddington), but people should be aware.

In a shock move today TICKETEK annouced it would be holding all future discussions regarding its new offshot company : ’ SECRET SKATESPOT TOURS ’ with Micheal Gudinski and Dr. Stoopid.
Mr. BORIS’s lawyer were quickly on the case crying sellout but TICKETEK refuted the claims saying Dr. Stoopid was much more experienced at letting everyone in on previously secret skatespots.
A spokesperson for Micheal Gudinski added that Dr. Stoopids’ track record in this field was unsurpassed and he was confident that as new spots were found Dr. Stoopid would be the first skater there with a mobile phone in hand and with lots more skaters on the way.
Ticketek also annouced later in the day that after further talks with Dr. Stoopid they are looking forward to expanding ’ SECRET SKATESPOT TOURS ’ to include B.M.X. and rollerbladers as soon as practical.
When this reporter rang the offices’ of Dr. Stoopid his secretary stated he was unavailable for comment as he was working on a new venture called HOUSES OF THE SKATE PRO’s BUS TOURS

( another “don’t bash bill anymore” humourous press release…lol ! )

Bahahahaha, I get this one, except Roseville pipes is hardly secret. even I know about it.

Its not like he gave away the details to the pot hole. And any one who may have seen skate places that are not usually “advertised” was at least selected on the basis they they didnt tell anyone else so hopefully its all cool.

Buddha John what do you want a skate secret society where only the initiated can know of “our sacred skate places”.

Show the places to whoever can give it a go.

Must admit your post did use some epic sarcasm in it, it almost has a “Search for Animal Chin” reference, “Maps to the Skaters homes”.

I reckon your better off getting Bill to help you do a video of all the secret skate spots in and Around, remove any reference to location or how to get there (maybe just one hint) and film them getting worked should be good for a few quid.

if you want to save on production costs, I can set up some webservers to download the vids (for a cost considerable less than for a dvd) to authenticated paying customers.

I was definitely joking all the way thru that " press release " Mosu101…
No more serious pills

(…but on the otherside of the coin, a growing crowd at unoffical skate spots usually leads to thier demise… Sometimes sharing means losing it for yourself ! )


I only ask in the case of the Snives pool, that we display our highest degree of decorum. We don’t want to ruin this spot for the locals, who were more than generous in flowing the info. If none of you mind, I may invite them along for the ride. They’re a young bunch of skaters that I’m sure will be more than stoked to see the pool get cleaned. What say you lads? Yay? Nay?

Don’t forget that it’s Chelseas 13th birthday. Don’t let that number hex you while skating the pool. And if you do bring her a present, don’t be surprised if she share’s it with Matt.

Oh… Spoke to Boris tonight and were trying to pinpoint a meeting time.

Taking any work that may need to be done at the Pipes, we may want to meet there at 12. Let’s say, an hour worth of work and drying (more or less), and an hour worth of skating (again, more or less).

From there we head off to St Ives skatepark and meet between 2:30 - 3pm. Find a spot to park for the rest of the day boys. I think it’s best of we chose two or three of the biggest cars and take them loaded with essentials. By doing this we decrease the possibility of arousing suspicion.

details for St Ives skatepark are here - … view&id=98

If you get lost or left behind, the address will be made available by contacting Bill. haha… Sorry Bill, but you have the com sire. I only remember the direction using visual queues at this time. Great way to keep it a secret and amongst the boys. If you don’t know, they never heard it.

So does that sound like a plan? Or am I just off my chops again?