surry hills guy wants some one to sk8 with

Hi, just a 52 yr old guy back on deck after a break of 27yrs, looking for anyone in local area( surry Hills)

52, retired and want to skate. Great to hear. So you’ve been back on deck for long. Before you know it you’ll be hooked. Come on down to Dulwich Hill skatepark on sunday morning for a roll around.

Good to see!
Come down to Riverwood tomorrow night for a bit of a look.

Also Bondi on Saturday mornings - from sun up onwards (you have to get there EARLY to beat the seething crowds of grommets that start showing up after about 9am!).

Welcome dragon999 - as Scott said, come to Dulwich Hill 8am ‘on any sunday’ for a roll with the MAS*H crew!

One of the guys lives Surry Hills - Karvin Kiwi?

:slight_smile: thanks for the welcome, been back riding for the last 2 years.Dont know iff it was midlife crisis but when I turned 50 it was either a new fuck, a sports car or a skate board :laughing: Broke my ankle 3 weeks after i started riding again but jumped back on as soon as I could walk again. Been riding mostly street or Moore Park. Dont know if I am ready to do parks yet, feel as If I am still on training wheels :blush: and still learning to compensate and regain flexibality in the ankle.

Aaaaah come on out and get amongst it! Get yourself pads, helmet and wrist guards and come for a roll - we don’t give a toss how good bad or indifferent you are, its all about having a laugh, and besides we all suck at some stage (heck I still suck now!).

turn the other way!!! :smiley:

frontside… frontside!!!

I’m working on it alright!!!

Good on you Dragon , looking forward to having roll with you, I still have so much to master but thats the fun bit, the boys have taught me that its about fun and lerning at you own pace. :smiley:

hey theres carpark races/cruises on most weekends in redfern if your keen to meet up. not really park riding stuff but lots of fun! my e-mail; if your keen or want to bomb some hills. i’m in cronulla but go to the city most weekends

joe r eagle @ hotmail . com

sorry about all the spaces (spam concious)

Hey Dragon, good stuff. Ive just got back into it and Scott and the boys are unreal to skate with. I totally suck and am the worst of the lot but the boys only offer encouragement and are cool to hang with and to learn from. Just bought all my safety gear and am fired up. Come and join us mate…also you should come along to the skate movies at North Bondi RSL next Wednesday for a beer. Cheers Dallas

I’m also about to grab pads etc. - any tips on brands & bargains to be had … :question:

Check out Manly Board and Blades. buy a good brand of knee pads preferable with gaskets (wetsuit like material worn under the pads to stop pads sliding off in falls) make sure they fit well loose ones fall off! … lutePage=2

this is a cheap product with great wrist guards ok elbow pads and crap kneepads but it is only $30 … lutePage=1
are ok knee pads for $70

Helmets are a must as well

you can go nuts and easily spend $500 on protective gear. its a good investment as broken limbs generally cost more in time off work.

Hope someone else can make some better price suggestions. I think there is a store in Parramatta called PSC (not sure of name) which might be cheaper

TSG brand is a popular choice amongst us old stagers. The gaskets mosu mentions are worth the $ but you’ll survive witthout em. $90 knees, $60 elbows and you’ll pay $30 for generic wrist braces and spend $70 or so on a stack-hat be it pro-tec or TSG or 888.

thx - past bad karma experiences with health funds etc. has encouraged pro protection thinking so will aim for best wallet solution

Hey guys…just bought all my gear from Total Skate on Oxford St at Centennial Park. See Casey, he looked after me unreal, Protec helmet and knees and chucked in the wrist and elbow (lesser brand but still cool) for a very good price…under $200.00…heaps cheaper than all the other stores. Check it out for any gear you need. Cool guy who’ll look after the ol school. Cheers Dallas.

G’day to the Sydney crowd, I too have just started to skate thanks to the amazing distribution skills of Braden. I got my z13 early april and have been as keen as mustard. I usually skate a Campbelltown with an old school fella Trevor who goes really well. I have been reading your mail regularly and decided to jump in. I would really like to come to an early session at Dullo with you guys. The vibe you guys are giving is infectious and inspiring, a breath of fresh air in this stressed out frantic world. Can I come along, hang on the fringes and learn from you blokes?

the more the merrier.
cya Sunday morning 7ish at Dullo.
Take the M5 (sw motorway) to the princess Highway exit pass the Cooks river and take a left onto Railway Rd onto Marrickville rd left on left onto Wardell Rd right onto Ewart St right onto Terrace Rd and right into the park (under the railway bridge)

The Park is called Hercules Park. get details from and goto the park locator check out Dulwich Hill

Dudes correct any direction mistakes Ive made. (think its correct)