Sydney crew going to MOSS Jam

Let’s get all thoughts in one place here…

Bowl Tour Friday 10 Feb 06
GWC Saturday 11 Feb 06
MOSS Jam Sunday 12 Feb 06

I’m keen on fly down Thursday night, leave Sunday arvo / night. Can’t take enough time off to drive down and back.

MOSS guys - suggested accom places maybe close to Jam site?

Jetstar $79 departs 6:45pm 9/2/06 to Avalon
Jetstar $84 departs 3:45pm 12/2/06 to Sydney

Virgin $155 and $125 same sorta times…

i’ll flying down thursday too.
hopefully use my ff points.

Swap days for GWC and MOSSJAM skatexec.

Hey SOS & MASH the main MOSS Jam will be on the Sunday from 12 til 6pm. Don’t make the mistake of catching a plane home half way throught the Jam!

More about venue, accomodation, transfers and GWC tickets later.


Hey everyone! before we head to the MOSS jam dont forget that the BELCO bowl jams on the 28th of Jan 06. I went last year and it f*%ken rocked. Every one goes off and then party on at the lighthouse, trust me its not one to miss. :open_mouth: :laughing: 8)

Make a day trip of that I reckon. If we get there early enough will we get a roll in before the jam starts?

make a weekend of it - goulburn, weston creek, gungahlin…

Hey skatexec, last belco jam we got there after lunch on the day of the comp and it wasnt crowded(far too hot). People started to mob the bowl late, if your early enough it is worth hitting up a few of the other parks(no crowds) before the bowl jam. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also dont forget to bring your ESKY its essential… :smiley:

Dave Pang is organising a Bowl Tour Jam/Comp on the Friday before Belco.

Thursday 26/1/06 Australia Day (Public Holiday)
Friday 27/1/06 Belco Retirement Village Bowl Tour (ask Pang for details)
Saturday 28/1/06 Belco Bowl Jam.

The MOSS Crewzers will probably drive up on the Thursday (arriving Friday AM) and stay in the caravan park nearby. It has a pool (for swimming) which is a mighty fine thing when it gets hot.

I am not quite clever enough to skate for more than the first 5 minutes in the Belco Bowl Jam, but Errol, Biff, Johnny Gray and Gary Nowlan could cut the mustard. Mohawk Mal won $50 last year for a bare foot run in the main Jam. I reckon there’s gotta be 50 bucks for best over 40 (or 45!).


Here’s a shot of last year’s Belco Retirement Village

And one of the bowl tour


I just got the word from Pangy. The flyer for his Can-o-beer-a Old School Bowl Tour will be out within a week. So get ready.

The MOSS Crew are probably going to change the date of the MOSS Jam’06 to April. I’ll let you know as soon as a date is locked in.

Sorry, if i gave you a bum steer earlier.


Grow your hair long, shave it off, or do a bit of both.
Just do it your way.
Here’s Mal doing it his way at last year’s Belco Retirment Village.

How about the long weekend in March?
The weathers usually pretty good in Autumn & we get 3 days to skate.


Hey wedge, i thought you held the moss jam the day after the globe comp so you would have a better turnout. Also out of state skaters could kill two birds with one stone. Does this mean i’ll have to go to melbourne more than once next year? :laughing: 8)