Sydney Easter skate plan

Good Friday - we can’t eat meat but we can skate - where?

Easter Saturday. Jesus isn’t skatin but we can - where?

Sunday - Dulwich - given.

Easter Monday - Jesus is at Ring of Fire with the MOSS crew. What about us?

Skoot - you’re normally the man with the plan - what are you thinkin?

How 'bout dawn’s crack @ Bondi Saturday? skoot, machine, exec + jnr. mosu, bondi, phat, rich, jetpet andy, secret agent man?

I want to sk8 Bondi, Maroubra, Balmoral and the new ramps at Homebush (Easter show) unfortunately Im unable to definitely commit to any times as the misses is due any day now.

Probable ok if I skate Maroubra cause if she goes into labour I only have to go a few minutes up the road.

Also scored some silicon oil for you courtesy of the good people from Ricoh printers.

bring the Devo cd and make sure it has a version of “Secret agent man”.
cya at the Bra Bowl

Yep, Sunday - Dulwich.
Saturday - dawn’s crack @ Bondi then Bra Bowl.
Friday and monday - not sure. But willing to roll.

Righto. I’ll take the tribe to the easter show Friday.

See y’all satdy at Bondi, Dulwich sundy and we’ll plan monday…

All the best mosu, mrs mosu and baby mosu! I have your copy of pioneers (inc. secreat agent man) in my skate bag - catch ya!

Went down to the Bondi bowl this morning before work. Was full of sand from the mega winds yesterday. I shouvelled out the bowl for a skate but the park had too much. About a foot deep at one end. Should be cleaned up by sat morning.
Will check Bra bowl at lunch.

Bra Bowl is fine only one beer bottle top and some bark in bowl. cleaned it out. Coping is rusty but otherwise its fine.

saturday and sunday it is then unless my wife has other ideas (theres a good chance of that)

I’m hitting Bondi early Firday, and perhaps Saturday too! Cant devote too much time otherwise as we just moved house today and I’m stuck in a flat full of boxes…

weather permitting i’ll see you at bondi, keen on checking out balmoral though - is it open?

Balmoral is suppost to open over easter. Ive ridden the place already its good the bowl is so smooth.

watch out for chipped wood mulch!!!

damm rain. morning was a wash out. will try for Bondi in the morning on Sunday assuming wifes labour holds off

Waited and waited and it paid off. Got an hour in before more rain.
Here’s Chopperpat doin some kind of trick?

Skoot carvin the big wall.

Copperpat Dropped in the deep on first day at Bondi. And was carving good too.

Skoot F/S carve the corner.

i’m suprised you managed a skate this morning i was looking out the window every five minutes! ended up hitting maroubra in the arvo with mosu. i’m going for the entre at bondi tomorrow with a main at dulwich if i can stomach it. planning an early at balmoral on monday if anyone is interested.

Curious about Balmoral but everyone decided on Maroubra for monday morning. Got some small 8 wheel carves this morning at Dulwich. I go for big long downhill carves on it. Big carve to the right the walk the deck then big carve to the left is really easy now. Its a lot more fun than I thought it would be. Walking from side to side becomes second nature after a while. Top toy.

hope to catch up with you at the Bra Bowl monday
Missed Bondi today cause wife gave birth to Phoebe, 6pounds 7 ounces (or is that ouchess)

alls currently well see ya monday

Hope everyones well…Cheers mate.

Congratulations. Thats a nice healthy weight. Good luck mum and dad. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Heyaaaa! Congrats Mr and Mrs O’ :laughing:

skatexec at home…

Congratulations Mosu!! :smiley:

You must post a pic!, that’s great news…

I’ve been out of action for a week now, painting and preparing for our babies room. My wife is in that nesting phase at the moment, and I have been too scared to even utter the word ‘skate’ or ‘bowl’ in the house. I have to give you credit for skating on her due date! :astonished:

Who’s your daddy!

Thats me and Little Phoebe at about 4am Sunday. Will have to get some good ones of mum and bub

Is that the greatest most amazing thing life has to offer or what!?! Have a gaze at the man’s face - congrats Dad! Welcome to the world Phoebe :smiley:

Phat, Bondi… next up?