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ROLLERBALL HAS ADDED TO HIS FAMILY AND NOW HAS A LITTLE BOY NAMED HARRY. He sounds tickled pink about being a dad again but with two daughters already he could be in line for the snip…congratulations PAUL AND LOUISE !

Old Sydney skaters are reminded not to forget / start planning for the SYDNEY BANK SHOOTOUT @ Maroubra on 1st. April. See SKATEJAMS thread for details.

Please check out : for some more bowl-a-rama stuff…VERY ICONIC ! ( God the yanks loved that word ! )

CHRISTIAN FLETCHER turned up skating at Bondi Bowl this afternoon : His skateboard of choice is a BDS 12" ( you know that one with syringes and bongs on the grafix ? ) with 215’s. He was ripping.

Just checked out what Christian was riding and it’s a " MY CHEMICAL IMBALANCE " QUAD PLANE 11" B.D.S.

Yeah he was down spectating the other week, with board in tow. Did’nt dive in while I was there, but its good to know he got in for a go.

MANLY VALE skatepark is to start construction within the month. It is a Chad Ford design and without knowing the full extent of the park design , it includes a kidney pool bowl. The bowl is a right hand kidney at 7ft deep with a death box and steps in the shallow end. More as news comes to hand

FIVE DOCK skatepark is now set to start construction before August. After a deal of contention about design and designers and what to save from the original ( national heritage ) skatepark the new park is coming. Rumour has it the main part of the park will be street and mini-ramp style radius. The old goliath concrete half pipe is to be re-birthed with a new surfacing. Who is to do this job is unknow !
I’m of the opinion along with local skate champ Mick Mulhall when we question this re-birthing action … dig it up and take it away and give us a killer bowl of some sort instead…why not a huge concrete halfpipe even ( ala the monster ramp ) to keep in tradition with the old national treasure (sic) that Five Dock half pipe bowl has been.
Either way don’t talk to Mick about it 'cause he’ll just go red in the face. cry, rage, rip all his clothes off and start killing all skatepark designers in a 1000km radius

  • pours bucket of water on Mulhall…

I needed that. Thanks Steve.

Just don’t bring any park designers to Snives on Sunday.