tempremental indy 169's

I have a set of indy 169’s on a board i dont ride much that i was going to start using all the time but i cant seem to seat the hanger squarely!!! If you know what i mean…Ive changed bushings the lot ( havent checked the kingpin for a warp) are they just duds? can someone lend advice

Does it ride alright though? I have found the standard Indy bushings dont have a lot of rebound, and as a result when at rest without a body on em they can sit a little out of alignment - but when ridden they are fine. Without looking at it, that could be the problem (which really isnt a problem when you ride it!).

Anyways, thats my $0.02 worth - I kinda doubt you bent anything unless you are in the habit of leaping down 10 stair sets or acid dropping off rooves!

Bending kingy’s is rare they usually snap before they bend. High tensile steel rarely bends much. I haven’t owned a set of trucks that has stayed square but I don’t think it affects me (mind you I am having trouble with my switch, blindfolded Mctwist’s…could be the reason)

no , but i have seen someone fall down 10 stairs On acid…Hah!
They must ride a bit off because with 101A wheels on I have noticed more wear on the outside. Im Just a whinger i spose cheers anyway mate

Haha…acid drop!

Wear on the outside usually occurs on the front whels due to kick turns and or tic tacs and the rears tend to cone towards the axles.

You notice this more with soft wheels.

Just keep rotating them.

As for the indies, I dont ride anything else and have most widths and they all tend to sit a little to one side. as Bondi said the standard bushings are not the most resilient, have not yet tried Khiro’s but by all reports they are Gr8

Ive come across that prob before too Doglog . Try this - take out the pivot cup from the base plate and then put the truck back together again.
I noticed that the truck sat evenly.
Then i noticed that very slightly, the section that sits in the pivot cup was slightly, very minuscule on an angle.
Now some pivot cups are not dead centre so find one that isnt and set it slightly off center accordingly.
Just the other day i was setting up a pair of 159s and one of them was atrocious I was lucky enough to have a slightly off centered cup in the base plate from that same truck, and it was put in, in such a way that it only enhanced it’s tilt even more! As soon as ajusted to suit it was much straighter, still not 100% but hey! 1000 times better that it was. It defiately came out of the mold like that, its the 3rd time ive come across this.

cheers guys the only other option i reckon would be to have busings with an off centre hole!! My fronttoe wheel is dead set further forward than my front heel wheel. doesnt ride crooked tho, and yep have just rotated, cheers.


Take the hanger off the baseplate and have a look at the recess that the rubber should be sitting in.
I have found (and heard) that the pouring of the hanger is not too sweet some times, you may find that there has been overflow, so excess metal is in the recess.

If this is so , and the trucks are still pretty new, return them to the place of purchase and exchange!

Otherwise, use a drill (and bit) and drill away the unwanted metal!

Don’t worry - be happy!
it doesn’t affect your ride or do anything to the truck action…leaves you free to worry about that bio trick you’re trying to land

Wouldn’t suprise me if the nose piviot was not moulded straight I have seen this alot in the past few years indy’s are not what they used to be