Im starting to get the gist of the skateboarding terminology and what Im not clear on, Ive worked out my own meanings for

to “Land” means to hit the ground in a manner which causes the least amount of physical pain possible.

“Tail slide” is where you scrape the skin off your gluteous maximus rather than shatter your coccyx…which brings me to my next definition “dropping in”. :smiley:

Well lads I havent gotten off my board for days, just happy cruising around tic tacking and hauling to get a feel for it. Ive been stationary jumping every morning to build up the leg muscles that havent been used in years…Im officially an addict!!!

go leah! try getting to the local park early on a weekend day. the young guns don’t rise till well after 9:00am so you can get a skate in minus the crowd. good if you’ve got younger kids learning too.

have you bought yourself a new board?

Ive got my sons old skate deck that he grazed the tail off, a friend of mine filed it back and repaired it. Ive got some good slow wheels on it and have just been cruising. Ive been skating at East Bentleigh of a night when no-one is there. I dont know if you are familiar with the park but it has 3 metal ramps and a metal funbox in the middle. I can now haul…(well gammy for want of a better term) up one side of the funbox, roll down the other halfway up the ramp and roll back down in reverse then do a 180 turn and haul off. Tonight I learned how to turn on the ramp…not too high but still Ive got the courage to do it. A week ago I was scared just to ride on the board…little by little Im getting more confident and each day Im achieving something…Soon enough I’ll be dropping in and tailsliding down the funbox!!!
I think learning how to fall over properly and seeing the fall coming has been the biggest booster to my confidence!!!
My boy and I have been at the skatepark every night this week!!!

You rock my world.
I’d forgotten how exciting it is learning to skate.
Nice work

Hahaha…I thought once you started you never stopped learning to skate!!!

Yeah, like golf without the broken limbs

I have more tantrums playing golf :smiley: