The Belco Adventure

I did,t sleep well Friday night knowing that Richard Grant would be Knocking on my door at 445am ,he arrived, we warmed up the mustang and headed to Scoots,
We meet at skate execs’ with chopper Pat and pilled into Steves’ Toyata Landcruser . First stop Goulburn for breekfast , and link up with Clay and carving Kiwi. Goulburn skate park, lots of vert and fast lines wish we could have stayed longer a great design for all levels.
Weston creek next, two linked bowls with good smooth trannies a carving dream, man we skated to the point of near exhaustion, time to cheek the big boy.
Clay warned me that Belco may be a bitt out of my leage and he was right, I’ve never seen a gaint concrete hole like that before and the thought of droping in with well over a thousand pairs of eyes on me was not that appealing.
Time to chill out and become a observer, looking about I saw the hard core of skating lurking about the bowl and scaffolding, I must have looked so lame in my mash shirt, standing next to guys covered in Rad Lands body art and that thousand yard stare that comes with ripping years of vert.
HELP, time to find some familiar faces, hiding under the scaffold I saw Sean and old school Richie next to Danny Van sharing a large cigarette of custom made contents, " Muz come here ya look like a lost sheep", a few drags and a long yak with Richie and Mal was just what I needed.
Meanwhile the rest of my crew had donned the pads and given the big boy a go, Pat , Rich, and Skate exce rolled and hooked around no probleams. The real hero of the day was Scott , he had the roll in dialled and was starting to get down when a young rider dropped in next to him and sent him slamming to the concrete. I brought him a drink and we sat with the boys to witness some of the best skate boarding I have ever seen, tied but happy we climbed into the cruser and headed home, what a day , what a country , and what a life :smiley: :smiley:

almost like being there…thanks Mark.

Awesome Mark…
(Man, I wish I bummed a ride with u fellaz’)
Lookin’ 4-ward to cing sum picz & footage !

Cam (once again jonesin’) Ward

Mark, not a bad yarn but i cant help but be critical, it was just not long enough!!

I like the first impression of Sac! And the image of Richie and Danny ‘sharing the moment’ … wish I’d made it.


Next year no one stays home, can tell you about some of the skating boys? :open_mouth:

Sounds like Black Hawk Down - only this is Black Knight on a High :wink: Go on Mark, tell us about the skating.


Belco went off as always.Where does one begin? First off I just got there on a wing and a prayer .Met all the boys at the new Civic where we introduced ourselves to every body.Melbs,Sydney,Canberra,QLD and Newcastle etc all represented.With a crew like this we were set to take on some pleasurable skating.It was stinking hot even early in the morning .Danny was hitting up hand plants on the vert wall Coxy doing r/rolls .Bazza laying down his crazy style all over the place.It just went off .The park is awesome millions of potential lines so little time About midday we headed off to Errindale. Combinations of banks and tightness.Dave got all the grommets armed with brooms between the groms and us old schoolers we had the place clean in no timeSkunk ,Evo ,Coxy.Bazza and the rest hitting up the tightness with tail slides bulnts reverts and combinations every thing you can imagine. Mean while Mick and some of the Moss boys were carving up some of the flat banks Realy cool to see old school flat bank skating done as it should be. Mick and myself pulled out some 70s type boards and hit up some berts and 1 1/2 360s and various slides F@$k talk about fun we were in our element .By the time we got to Tuggers we were f%^cked temp got even hotter.Dave Pang come to the rescue with buckets af water so we could cool ourselves down. Every one gave the bubbler a heathly nudge in between runs F#$ck I hate steel ramps in hot weather. More later Richie.

Well, Well, Well. What can i say!The belco session was split into two sessions because of the rain but nobody was left dissappionted(It may have looked like being cut short at one point)There’s far to many rad things that went down to go into details here, but springers has footage of the event and Jake’s massive 540!!!.Just got to say that canberra rocks,love weston(first time) and the new civic. It was awesome meeting heaps of crew new to me,a absolute blast.CHEERS :smiley: 8)

First rides for me too. Goulburn on the way, Weston - both excellent parks.

Another roadtrip to CBR is a must sometime soon.

Belco - f*ck yeh! Had two runs in the bowl - ate shit on the second (only to be one-upped by Skoot) and figured spectating would be a smarter option after the days activities.

Great day, great company - cheers guys.

Sure was a great day. Cant get it outa my head. My whole left side is rooted from the slam. Knee, hip, shoulder brused and battered and my helmet has a mad Belco chunk out of it. So I scored the front seat home, bwahahaha.

Not sure who took this pic.

I am going to have punish myself with 500 kneeslides on the rubber ramp at Mortdale for not accepting SkateExec’s early offer of a ride on Saturday … ouch … ouch … ouch … ouch :open_mouth: :angry: :frowning: :cry: (etc)


Check the ‘B3lco hype’ thread over at for more pics.

The late sess was obviously preeetty big. I’m still happy to have seen what we did. Next year we might think about accom eh boys?

Rad !!

Early sesh was jus the lemon next to the pie. Once the rain cleared and the darkness closed in they really took it to the next level - Rentos, Jake, Euro’s, young Matty Katai - all ripping.

Aussie skate Mecca !!


bossTONE is right. What happened - did you Sydney guys have to leave early to drive - it went off after the showery intermission. The phrase we heard, described it as tearing a new arsehole in the bowl.

I’ve got the Saurus homage on my desk here Richie and its a beautiful thing. Taken a few little rolls on it and I’m getting used again to the incredible shortness and amazing turning power. I’ll dedicate myself to adapting or remembering my style for competently riding one. I’m touched by your generosity and dedication to the short boards of old and look forward to seeing you in Melbourne. It will hopefully be not as bakingly hot on the concrete at that time of year.

Mark and all the crew…great to catch up with you all.

What can I say except that Belco went off!!(what a big muther of a bowl)

Borris Mark Sean You haven’t left me much to say but probably some of the best skating most of us will ever see in any year takes place at Belco. Some filmilar faces + lots of new ones WA guy RJ where the f$^k did he come from in WA. good skater for a 20 year old and that French dude no safety gear skating hard slaming but still comming back for more. Matty Jackson Bazza Dorfus Rentos Jake heaps more . Not forgetting Micky D and all the organizers sponsors and every body who came. Those of who came only know how it really feels to be there. Get off your arses and go if you have not been before. Come live Belco. The average jimbo can take on celebrety status just that he was part of Aussie skate history for that one day in January for that year. Belco is people (skaters) You must make the pilgrimage to Belco at least once in your life cause I reckon Micky D will send you to the place full of skate stoppers and over zellous security for eternity.

An interesting thing that happened with that wa guy RJ , He dropped in just before it started to rain his first run was very impressive, skate exec and noticed his egarness for another run just as it started to rain, renton and dorfuss kept snaking him, he got another run and blew a lousey front side kick turn. He thew his board down in fustration next to his girl and walked away. Then Evo appeared grabed him by the arm and spoke to him, he picked up his board stuck over the side dropped in , front side air over the chanel , back side judo, front side gant air, front side inddy. He brought me to my feet and won the $250 for best run. Id love to know what Evo said to him. 8)

Probably told him not to be a ‘girly-man’. :wink:

I have some pics of the action. Can someone tell me how to upload them?