The Bill File

I thought I would start a file where I can just put sk8 photos in from all different sessions I go to.

Today was at Knox



me pic by Ching


good work. would of been a great day for a sesh. yesterday was wicked.

Fun morning indeed even with a hangover!
Nice One Bill!

That pic of thurlz is rad
Great weekend for Rollin :smiley:

Nice work Bill, great shots and it was a great day to skate with good weather and great company :smiley:

Rad shots Bill,busting to get to some of these sessions.

still sore now from slammin out of the cradle on that morning…

Some great pics in there…

:smiley: Thanks Guys

Tuesday evening MOSS session Frankston…



WA Skater Junior…Old Melbourne Boy

Joe 90

The Texan…aka Richie

Johnny Pinball

just gets better and better - awesome shots bill - specially D Mont and junior :open_mouth:

As always good photos of a good session.

I headed up to the ACT to join Dave, Cons and the crew to enjoy the last session of Belco before the rebuild…

In the morning Dave & I went for a short roll at woden…

Panga hitting it up…

Panga Board sliding from sqaure bowl to street course

Then it was off to BELCO…

Cons had a stuffed knee so he just opted for a roll on the day.

Will was roll’in in

Panga was shredding all day

Neil was there to…

Big Dan was floating B/S ollies

Luke Brown with this f/s boneless to tail

After a full day sk8 it was time to come home…

Thanks to Dave, Cons and the crew for such a sick weekend…
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


rad skating by all there,especially roll’n with double pluggers there Con’s 8) (wonder if VANS has looked into an exclusive market just for aussies :bulb: :question: :laughing: )

make sure you bring that camera with you bill when your up here in sydney mate :wink:

This weekend was a Big One… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Panga , Cons and Big Dan rocked into town at 4:45 am for the T.I.T No. 2 for the weekend so on friday night we went out to the shed for a roll.

Dave Pang Ripping up the vert…

Cons had a go at it…

Big Dan hit it up

Did you like the park Dave…

The next day saw Leah & I getting up at 5:30 am and putting our boys in the car and off to my brothers place on the way to the Airport to fly into Sydney for the Newtons Play Ground event (slash) OMA vert Demo. We were met by our friends Adrian & Shona. We were at their place fore about an hour before it was back in the car and off to Andrew Hulleys Back Yard for a sk8 and A B.B.Q with drinks.

Hulleys Back Yard…

Adrian aka Metal Age

His son Damon

John Gray




Leah & I

Pic by Shona

Ok back up at 5 am for the third day in a row… :confused:

Adrian Jones is picking us up to head out to Newtons and the sun is shining, that is until we get over half way there and the rain is starting to hit the window a slow drizzle at first, then by the time we are 10 minutes from the place it was pouring down. So we stopped at a servo and got some egg & bacon rolls and a coffee for breakfast. Spoke to Booma on the phone then headed in…


The vert Ramp… :frowning: :cry: :frowning:

They did get to do the downhill for those who were keen

But for some it came at a cost…

The officials were kept on their toes but their was time for a happy snap for some…

PC from Sydney

Hamish from Melb-MOSS

Taz from the ACT

Booma, Adrian & I thought about starting some sort of boat race but the guy who owned it wasn’t into it…

Adrian & I with Mr Peter Brock on the way out

Monday and it was sleep-in time back at Ages place… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

After a coffee and a smoke to kick start the day it was time to make plans for a skate ( It was still raining ) have I really left Melbourne or what?? So we went to Monster for a roll on the indoor street course for a short time. They didn’t make me pay so that was good…

Monster sk8 park

Then we went to a newish park near Ages place Marqurie Fields



Then I turned my hat backwards and got my street on Old School Style

Pic by Age

After all that sk8ing it was good to slam down a rock energy drink…He…He…He

Then it was time to go home…

Big SUPERROCKIN thanks to Adrian & Shona for the great hospitality…

Adrian Jones for taking Me & the wife out to the event for the day. Great to hang out with you mate. We should do a road trip again soon.

Booma for getting the OMA AU team a vert demo out there. Even if I didn’t get to sk8 the ramp because of the rain. If he hadn’t got a demo on we would have been at home for another weekend in Frankston. So Thank you BOOMA…

Once again thank you Age & Shona see you soon…

RAD TIMES again with you guys,always a pleasure 8)

how nice was those lovely curves at MAQ fields :smiling_imp: …get ya mind outta the gutter :wink: i’m talk’n bout the transitions ya dirty bastards hahahaha…and those ladys were lovely too :smiley:

petty the blonde with big booooots on wasnt a bit smarter and turned the board around the right way,hehe

GOOD TIMES Billy (& Leah). We’ll do it again !