The Carve Tour Qld

Not everyones cup of tea but if you,ve got an open mind come and join in.

Come and bust out with the CARVE crew!

Former World Champ Barton Lynch…
“Carveboard is the best training device that I have ever come across”

The CARVEBOARD and SURFSTIK are internationally recognised as the leader in dry land cross training devices for all surf and snow sports.

World-renowned surfer and big wave charger Brad Gerlach along with legend Snowboarder Tim Vlandis and the Carve team will be in town during the Quiksilver Pro and Noosa Surfing Festival.

So here’s the drum……… While the CARVE team shredders Darren O’Rafferty (WCT #27) and Ian Bell (World Longboard Surfer) are tearing apart the superbank and Noosa. The rest of the CARVE crew will be free to CARVE some of their own lines in the best CARVE terrain that they can uncover between Noosa and the Goldy.

So come and check out the CARVE carnage at the following locations:

Gold Coast:

Sat 04/03 - Pizzy Park skate approx 12pm-2.30pm

  • Worldsurfers shop Lower West Burleigh Rd.
    Burleigh Heads 3pm-5pm.
    Sun 05/06 - Hanging out with the crowd at the Quiky Pro
    Mon 06/03 - Bros. Nielsen store 3.30pm GC H’way Nobby’s Beach
    Tues 07/03 - Hanging out with the crowd at the Quiky Pro

Sunshine Coast:

Thurs 09/03 - Perigean Beach Skate Park 2-5pm
Fri 10/03 - Caloundra Aquatic Skate Park 9-11am
- Beach Beat at Dicky Beach from 11.30am-2pm

  • Gravity Surf from 4pm
    Sat 11/03 - Eternity Surf Shop and Noosa Skate Park 10am-1pm - Perigean Beach Skate Park 2-4pm
    Sun 12/03 - Surf Action Mooloolaba Wharf 11am-1pm
  • Maroochydore Boardriders monthly comp.

For more details contact Dave Goggin on 0427655970

For more details on Carveboard…click on the ‘about’ icon

Keep it pure and CARVE ON!!!

Geez… Watchin the video on the site makes me want to run out and buy one tomorrow, but I owe about 5 large for vert skating product already. Can I get a test drive?

Yeah Mate no worries
Give me a call on mob 0427655970
and I can let you know where we are come & have a roll with us