The Goon Bowl!

This is a new project i have to work on!

looks alright, will be skateable for about 6-12 months if kept on the downlow. Excavations will be difficult to keep low key (maybe by hand!!)
but there is only one neighbour on the whole block and the house is empty and will be a carpark next year. Only one other person knows of its existance at this stage!

And the beast that will tackle it!!! (while I’m at it!)

pm me if you’re in Sydney doglog - happy to help diggin and have a few contacts with, or access to excavation machinery.

Count me down too doglog- don’t care if we dig by hand!

If in melbs, just holler and MOSS will be there!

sorry lads…3 hours north of Sydney. Will extend an invitation when its skateable tho. We have actually got ourselves a couple of fluro yellow council worker type shirts for excavating on the sly. But believe it or not we have another one on the boil at an old caravan park about to become a Bunnings wharehouse that just needs a half a drain. Its in a fully fenced worksite so a stealthy look this weekend will probably put back excavations on the other one, but i know its not going anywhere for a while yet. This caravan park one only has a couple of weeks tops!
Ill put some pics of it up next week (hopefully with us in action!!)

ah more hints is it in Dungog Newcastle