The Leah & Fletch Inuendo show

let the hail mary’s rain down upon us and Eli what did you say about flagelation?

To achieve best results do a deep clean and exfoliate prior to repeated and vigorous application of ‘#7 Slave Slasher’ cat o’ nine. To follow a thourough dousing in surgical spirits and rock salt should remove those stubourn stains of the flesh and soul.

Happy travels all and remember kiddies, bleeding is the new black.

Each to their own…Im sure to learn my lesson better with Fletchs “mild application of heat”… there’s nothing that serves the soul better than a good scolding!!! Flagelation sounds a bit harsh…you obviously had a hard lesson to learn Eli…

Finally Fletch…we have our own home…nice work, you’re the ideas man!!!

I’m just a very, very dirty boy and no matter how hard I scrub it just won’t come out.

Leah Leah Leah how could you forget so soon :open_mouth: …it is the slow and persistant application of heat…via a number of methods.

This is the great Australian dream…our own home, which room should we try 1st???.

Eli, certianly must have had a hard lesson to learn…but why did he go back there time and time again

Sorry Doctor Fletch I misinterpreted the lesson!!!

Eli you just need to re-define what good “clean” fun means to you!!! No need to scrub!!!

When did i become a Doctor??? is that how we can afford such a palatial dwelling here at CDS…so may rooms im getting lost and Eli their are 3 bathrooms and a powder room scrub a dub dub my man

But dont drop the soap

The more rooms the better Fletch, all the more practice, in medical terms, plus you cans always use the option to hide or better soon, lease them out.
Full of oppertunities :smiling_imp:

I think we should put a skate bowl in one of the rooms though, one with a magic force that when you fall off it turns into a soft fluffy cloud!!!

Darling I still prefer the perfect keyhole pool we have in the yard but a nice fluffy spot sounds like a great place to land

frontside or backside!!! :smiley:

I think fluffy frontside with a backside grab might be the best approach

As Finbarr Saunders of the Double Entendres fame might say - 'Fnar Fnar!"

Im gona chuck a bucket of cold water over you 2 lovecats!!! :smiling_imp:

WELL YES…CAN I HELP YOU TWO! Wellcome to Chateau De Skate.
Sorry it took me 3 days to get to you…having staff problems…

Be quicker to train a 3 yr old and a malamute…So Mr and Mrs Smith is it?

What sort of show are you running here Schlager old chap …a 3 day wait and you think youve got staff problems ive got one your malamute couldnt chew through.

Now, my neice and I would like our rooms… with an adjoining door of course my good man and a balcony overlooking the grounds…nothing like some fresh country air and a good veiw to get the heart thumping

Is that Braden doing a boneless or something on the pictures on the jammies above. :stuck_out_tongue:

No Scott, that’s what he looks like when he hits the ground :smiley:

Uncle I thought you said you owned this house…now I find out it’s a cheap hotel and Manuel is not your personal butler…over the internet!!! Deceit, Im shocked!!!

My dear we all make some investment mistakes…but I can assure you our stay hear will be a pleasant one…just go and lean over the balcony while I enjoy the veiw