thinking of mounting an expodition in Feb
anyone know if its skatable, heard they
were fitting skate stoppers

ask Mal!

Ahmmm Snow pipe. Nows the time.

Guys hit it this weekend, feedback…perfect!

If you drop by Canberra, I would love to tag along (skate and take pics).


Thanks Dave for the info
sorry but im traveling from melb.
anyone from melb interested?

I am ready for another pipe anytime! If someone from Sydeny drives, I’ll pay the petrol. How about it GH?

Bill. S

I’ll be in fellas’ let me know !

Bill, I was talking about it with Boris and Luxford about a week ago, and everyones keen as, cant make it this weekend but i can feel the interminable hike coming on very soon and yes you nimble senescent Bondiarian you shal not be omitted from the specified cylindrical conglomeration of ferroconcrete. It would be nice to esquire the Godhead of skateboarding.

I also hope Adrian can come!


I am keen.I’m in Melbourne,leave a date and we’ll see what can be worked out

Im thinking 1st march til the 4th
bit of fishing bit of skating
hopefully jindibine bowl will be finished as well
anyone up for it

Luke Foster had a picture of this beast at last nites MOSS sess.He was at the nine o’clock mark on the pipe(ok really 9.15)

Looks to be about 30 odd feet in diam!!!

Will try and make the trip if I’ve got enough skate points!

The pipe is a mission just to get into let alone riding it, you may want to attach a rope to the top(fence)to assist with entering it. Dont forget to take materials to bail water or to build a dam. 8)

I’m keen to get going on Friday the 17th.I’ve got a few people amped for that weekend.

Keep me in the loop too.

I am keen to get some pics and have a roll!

It would be great to have a SOSS, MOSS, CBRY get together at the Pot Hole!

I think the SOS plan is to do it on the way back from the MOSS jam.

just to stand in the bottom and look up to put peter hewitts no-pad drifting frontsides (way up, 10 o’clock??) that are in the dvd tent city would be mind blowing!!! Salba says on his website that its one of his goals to hit it too, now that would be a sight!! king of the full pipesin the king fullpipe!!!

Dave, Johno and the bowlbarian are keen so check in with them

Rye Dan,
heard you were injured
are you still going on the 17th
my plans have fallen through at this point
but could go on 17th

Jindy bowl is finished but not open yet. Should be open in a couple of weeks!