The S.O.S. Sydney Bank Shootout

APRIL FOOLS’ DAY sees the next S.O.S. club activity : a bank riding and sliding contest at Maroubra Streetcourse : SYDNEY BANK SHOOTOUT

Starting @ Midday, a casual come as you are affair will be conducted to have some fun and to pull those berts. Bring your missus and kids and picnic right out while Mash gets mushy, Blacktown goes flattown and the cream of S.O.S. get dragged down to everyone elses level.

This is an offical warm up contest for Sydney O.S. skaters going to the MOSS event the following week
Any MASH / BLACTOWN / SOS crew interested in helping out with the day are encouraged to contact Fox
Any Company that wants can throw there stuff into the prize pool but there will be no banners or offical stuff going up…it’s a social O.S. day to catch up with everyone else that’s old and rolls.

Bankstyle contest format will be (O.S.) 3 x 45sec runs
Skatercross contest format will just be gnarly 4 skater anything goes races


This is a secret comp so don’t spread it beyond old skaters, pensioners or onto 'other ’ web sites please

There will be NO After Party so you can go home, have a long hot bath and get an early nights’ sleep

TONY ALVA will NOT be appearing to sign autographs

Onya’ J.F.

Speak to ya’ll soon re; the “berts & flirts” heh-heh

John if any NACCOS crew can be of assistance in any way let us know.I don’t mind comming down to the BRA early to help. O S Richie.

This sounds like a fun day. I just got to get my Jetton slides going again and round out my 540s ala Stacy and the title will be mine. (I hope I don’t run over my cape again! Black lycra is hard to get out of loose ball cones!).
As for the Skatercross, who’s gonna mess with a high speed Newy boy @ 6’3" and 92kgs! Yes, I’m throwing down the gauntlet brethren.

Its’ on…& its’ all about style, my best spandex mixed with flanno’ shorts’ hmmmmmmmm- mmmmmmmmmm…

Wot a poifect day fer’ it ! April Foolzzzzz !

Heh-heh-heh, it’s alright Bill, no bad events goin’ 2 happen’ the flanno will be sprinkled far & wide to protect the unsuspectin’ on the day/arvo/eve…

I know u’ said no after party Foxy’…but I am sure all of us will get 2-gether in the arvo’ to sink a few suds, to sink a few truths, & to enjoy our own youthful exhuberence… to bond, etc…etcetera, etcetera…

“Berts & Flirts” John, it’s gotta be…(heh-heh)
Onya mate’

Oh yeah’

Don’t let Exec’ do the flyer, heh-heh-heh

(gotta say but, was bloody brilliant fer’ the Riverwood…classic mate)

Sorry fer’ the interuption again guyzzzz’

Shoit, it takes me 45 seconds to get from one side of that place to the other, lol

Once again, I luv’ ya’ Johnny !

The filthiest lookin’ banner’ ever’ look out fer’ the balaclava & the flanno !

It’s times like these that I wish we still had North Ryde freestyle pit to fool around in. Remember when we used to tuck a length of dunny paper in our sock and play “Kill the guy who still has dunny paper trailing”.

Isn’t Fox just the coolest guy around! His poster is just the very raddest, his skill in putting it up here is exemplary, and I want to be his bestest friend when I grow up. Fox, you’re the dope dude. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Thanks man, we love ya.

As for North Ryde banks - I used to spend hours recreating the battle of britain on 'em with Dug the Drug and Lopez and a bunch of high powered water pistols and water bombs (had already retired from vert for some stupid lame brained reason - probably jealousy of Fox, which is generally my main reason for doing anything).
missing Fox already, Bill

I luv u’ 2’ Bill…heh-heh

JTF can you sling me an e-mail some of the crew from Carveboard are keen to attend may be able to find something to put into the prize pool as well.


Anyone can contact for a long list of possible uses for the email address directly above.

Good english directly above ; don’t bother attempting translation, just find the author and bash him !

Time for some hands up to help out…

        1/. bar-b-que cook
        2/. Assistant bar-b-que cook
        3/. Those interested in applying for a judging position
        4/. Contest assistants (also set up/pull down)
        5/. Transport car and driver of equipment etc. from/to Bondi

All these are quick easy jobs so don’t be afraid

Also need indication if any kids are coming re: clown/juggler entertainment for them


This is a low key S.O.S. club fun day get together before the MOSS '06 at Melbourne. It’s all about carving and sliding and back slapping and fun and getting ‘mash-ed’.

I’ll help on the BBQ. My kids should be comin’ if it’s a fine day but there’s no need to put on any extra clowns.

I’ll bring my picnic bbq and my kids. Girls aged 6 and 4 and the missus… she hates skating…better let her loose on the beach. Hang on …I’m from out of town. Not a MASHER or a SOS. I think we’re called NACCOS now. Am I welcome? FOX- what’s your call?

MC, assistant organiser, timer, judge, assistant bbq-er…

Hands in the air foxy’ heh-heh-heh

Lookin forward to it matey !