Friday 11th Nov - Night session Bondi
Sat 12th Nov - Jam at Maroubra Bowl, Beach Rd Hotel evening
Sun 13th Nov - Is open at this stage but Dulwich Hill is looking
pretty good for a Sunday morn hangover session at the MASH stopmping ground possible Parra.

Hey nice flyer Ground Hangers. I’m looking forward to hittin’ up Bondi under lights and hooking up with the Sydney crews.

Beach Road has some discounted rooms available for you skaters. Im not sure how many , for more info


71 Beach Rd (cnr Glenayr Ave) Bondi 2026
(02) 9130 7247
Contact Big Tom

Great poster…obvious next choice after Clash, Devo etc.

Yeah great flyer. I love B52’s almost as much as Skyhooks. Looks like B52’s is off the list for MOSS Jam’06. Skyhooks here we come.

I still feel like I’ve lost my keys.

You’ve done it wedge, superimpose one t’s head and we’re there.

Balwyn calling will just have to wait…there’s only a week to go to the S.OSSJ.05…welcome all you MOSS, BOSS, ASS, TOSS et al rock lobsters, come visit Planet Claire (bondi at night) & help us JAM THIS MESS AROUND !!!

Planet Claire was one of my fav tunes to ride around to back in the day, gotta get it going on Kel’s system next week.

The MOSS Plane has been booked.

The MOSS Crewzers will be chicken grinding Bondi from 6pm on the Friday night!


Great to hear Wedge. Give Adrian a buzz and let him know about arrival times and numbers so we can organize ride for you all.

Rich The B-52s will flow

Whats the go for Saturday now? Bondi? Riverwood? Or is the Brabowl skateable? I’m a bit out of the loop this week what with young bloke’s christening and all…

I reckon we should make wednesday night maroubra this week for a fix-up session followed by some shredding action :wink:

Sounds cool - the rain should have cleared most of the crap off the concrete, and I guess another bog job ought to hold up enough for the saturday at least.

I’ll see how I’m travelling as far as turning up to help goes.

mark and i were talking Bondi Sat morning and Bra Sunday, not sure when bog is happening might be skating around the craters.

If Zinger dont fix it, I have some super tough creat here to repair on Weds.

Someone lit a fire in the Northcote bowl a while ago and the council fixed it before I could get a look at the damage. It’s as good as new now. With the resources of SOSMASH you should be able to make it safe for some old and frail MOSSites.

Here’s MOSS’s intinerary

Thursday 10/11 11:05am Tony
Friday 11/11 4:35pm Wedge and Dazza on Virgin Flight DJ855
Friday 11/11 6:30pm Marty on Jetstar

Sunday 13/11/05
3:15pm Wedge and Dazza on Virgin flight DJ852
5:45pm Tony
6:15pm Matt
7:00pm Marty

If anyone wants to play taxi driver just let us know. (Sorry about the fragmented times - work, family, short notice - you know).

Wedge, Dazza, Marty and Tony are staying at The Sands Hotel at the Bra. Matt’s staying with family.

I’m lookin forward to the whole sha-bang.
Bondi - gota see that big baby.
Maroubra - blue tiles, blue seas, hoping for blue skies
The Saturday night re-union - yeah!
What’s the go for the Sunday? I haven’t skated Riverwood yet. I’m not planning on gettin SOS-MASHed on Saturday night (body can’t take it any more) so I could be up for good roll on Sunday from 11am til 1/1:30pm. Does anyone else want to hit up some tiles?

Let me know.

Also, does anyone want to put on their taxi driver’s hat for that one?

Roll on rock lobsters,


ps. Here’s a preview of the Melb Bowl Tour '06. Fri Feb 10th 2006, followed by Global Assault (World Cup) on Sat 11/2/06
then the MOSS Jam’06 on Sunday 12/2/06 from noon.
Book you holidays, book your tickets.

there is no tile at Riverwood but its still good for some bowl action.

there is the possibility that Parramatta bowl will be completed for the weekend

see this link … =27650&p=8

i’m doing a bowl tour with matt on friday, i think tony is coming along too.
planning to hit up riverwood, the bra and then bondi. riverwood is about 20mins from dullo so we can always go back on the sunday.

hey mashers wots the go for saturday is it the bra all day? what time are things kicking off ?or is it bondi then the bra ? hopefully central coast / newy crew coming down

I’m definitely down for Bondi Friday night. Love the place. My long time amigo and fellow quadragenarian Sean Mussett will be interstate. He’d love to be there.