tic tac on the couchbook,

sorry ment tic toc

update ya couch status and profile right here,

seen ya looking,

I,m really concerned about certain poeple that see the latest toyota corrolla ad that they seen 10 get out so there gunna get 10 in,

dont think much of the bank/money ad were the dude grabs a board and jumps through the wall and they mention toy,s

just finished complementing bathroom with little soaps and shampoos for that motel feel,

bit much wheeling steve irwin out, atleast inxs disbanded before hutchance doco,

best of music from the 80,s new album, I hear pshudo echo royalties,

dear me album music charts,

  1. taylor swift

  2. pink

  3. delta goodrem

  4. robbie williams

  5. merry xmas baby, rod stewart,

why do we not have grass huts on the beach like other countries,

because the big bad wolf visits!

And the little pigs got onto AC sheeting, before they worked out that it was worse than the Big Bad Wolf

Cause we’re overregulated, the councils would want massive rates for using a bit of public land. I’d love it if we had little cheap beer shacks with satays and burgers. Instead at Williamstown we’ve got a poser restaurant that charges $30 for a feed and ten bucks for a beer.

argh gado gado,fresh fish black bean sauce,bintang off to bed ,waves in the morning,god i want to go now!!!

how dare you peter garrett drag ya arse up on stage with paul kelly and yothu yindi when four young men died in roofs on your watch,


keen to start a Flintstone themed girls roller derby team, think will call em the Bedrockers,

I’m going here on 3rd April for a peanut vodka and some bbq oysters :slight_smile:

Ready for take off:

i gotta lurk and leave a like on that,

1st and 3rd on the ASRA rocket clock for Marty and Hambo, very good chaps,

smack convertors in franga got candy red indy 169,s in top nick, element popcicle same condition and grom wheels fa 95 bucks,

Franga dreaming: 8ft mini, man cave action with linament and beers afterwards. Cheers Frangsters :stuck_out_tongue: