G’Day Guys,

    Some of you might or might not know me as the silly little girl that ate shit in bondi bowl on NYE of last year (thanks mulhall).

    Some of you also might or might not know that I'm currently producing and presenting an hour segment for 2GB about skateboarders and skating. (Cheers for the interview, Fox!)

    Right now I'm putting together a segment about your 5 fave skateparks. I'm not just talking about our big brown land, I'm talking worldwide.

    If any of you old men can take some time out of your busy hip-replacing, knee grazing schedual to fill out a survey, I'd really appreciate it!

    You can copy and paste the following into an e-mail, and send it to: []( or just reply here.

    Also, the guys from have chucked in a tee and maybe some wheels just as an added incentive!

    Thanks heaps!


  • Where are you from?

  • How long have you been skateboarding?

  • What is your local Skatepark?

  • What makes a good Skatepark?

  • What are your top five favourite Skateparks (Australian or other) and WHY are they your fave?s? (Be specific)

  • What is you e-mail address? (So we can contact you if you’ve won!)

Thanks a lot,
Ella G

Jimmy, from Torquay in Vic,
got back on the board over a year ago from a 15 year hibbernation,
local park obviously where i live Torqs, not exaclty what im use to from the 80’s early 90’s so it wont be in my list, the old Torq’s Vertramp and mini were the bench mark back in the day until we were blessed with rivers edge, the indoor meca, first indoor wooden bowl with concrete corners, willy searles old man was creating something revolutionary, but we were too young to appreciate what was, the spine and vert ramp had our attention, the ring of fire today makes me think back how we didnt capitalise on those awesome constructions. The best mini in the present day was the indoor blunt mini, RIP, perfection, a credit to the man sas for its quality.
Todays concrete, Rye, Coburg, real concrete with depth and meaning, something you don’t loose speed in, Pt Cook for its variety. Vert ramps, Noble Park, great transition, heaps of width and Parahn, fucking huge, scary and forever will be a challenge, it put me back in my box, cant wait to return.

1…from Hoppers Crossing… Melbourne
2…as long as Wedge
3…locals are Hoppers and Point Cook
4…good transitions and lots of lines. A variation of terrian that lets you ride what suits your mood
5… the top 5
Shanghai, China… exotic location, more terrian with more variations than your brain can cope with.
Newport, Melbourne… perfect little bowl, hours of riding pleasure
Marourbra, Sydney… nothing special but lots of great memories from the SOS jams, skating is nothing without your mates and a good sess
Northcote, Melbourne… weird but enjoyable, lots of lines and the bottle shop is close by
Lorne, Victoria… another perfect little bowl with lots of MILFS walking by to impress…yeah!

I Melbourne
2 66-80, 02-06
3 Fitzy
4 Less is more - just like any spot from the 70’s
a) Fitzy - best location of any skatepark in Alexandra Gardens instead of next to a tip or some other marginal site. Not big, not complex but oddly perfect - even in bashed up state - you can learn anything in it. atmosphere and history and good local crew across many generations.
b) Coburg - a challenge and scary, but by same token can be ridden mellow or gnarly.
c) Perigian Beach QLD - second best location of a skatepark - right next to beach. Many Lines - lots of fun - hard to get hurt.
d) Gangarlun (spelling?) ACT. - like a mellow pool except the shallow end is a large skatepark. Brilliant idea. Could be done again and again as a standard model - just make the deep ends more and more challenging. Perfection.
e) Any Private Pool or old ditch - because its not a skatepark, its not perfect and there are no crowds.

Come from Sydney now Newcastle.
Been skating on and off 33 years I do a lot more now the kids have grown up.
San Remo now cause it is sweet to ride well built bowl.
Variety of terrain for an all round challenge.
Shanghi. would be the skate trip of a life time so much so big and so close compaired to the states.
Cherry hill now gone ledgendary park of the past looked fantastic and a lot of good things said about it.
Western creek A.C.T. perfection smoothest well built park that I have ridden so far.
San Remo bowl its close and is vert and heaps of fun.
Bondi .Big challenging possibably best location in OZ unreal atmosphere.


5 yrs 20 yrs ago
4yrs now

Top 5 parks in Aust (that ive skated)

1.Port Lincoln
2.Tommos Backyard
3.West Beach
4.Western Creek
5. Point Cook

originally from the united kingdom now living in nsw australia

skating career so far -november1976>2006

local park now -all the good ones i’ve visited in nsw

a good park is down to 3 things ,planning , good flow,& finish

top 5 parks that i have skated

1- rom [london]-70’s roots [27 years my local]

2-FDR -[philadelphia]-skater built no bull just flow

3- la kantera [algorta northern spain] perfect location on the bay of biscay ,gnarly pool.

4-mostales [madrid]the best new european park that is on par with pools stateside

5-the cove-[santa monica]-the dogbowl replica ,perfect transitions what more can i say.

[owl’s head in brooklyn NYC would be in there if it was top 6]

pm me if you want my e-mail addy… :wink: