pure as it gets now I want one

me too!

Bring them along to the next slalom session - we’ll break them in :smiling_imp:

Only half way there in replacing the wheels on the Bahne - two more NOS metaflex wheels to replace the old cadillacs.

Good shit. Don’t see much of that stuff nowdays. Love the Gullwings split axels.Bit of trivier A guy named John Hudson was one of their slalom racers and had his own model with Santa Cruz. Most people don’t know much else except Turner, Fibreflex and Bahne were the names in slalom in those days. Santa Cruz were there too.

I heard some Uk company have manufacturing rights to make Turners.I was sorry to hear Mr Turner past away a few years ago . I don’t think the new turners are like the originals they now use carbon or kevelar with foam core.

Tim, would that turner be a summer ski with a green bottom?

hey Tim,

the photo itself looks pretty cool.

how did you light the pic?

i always have a hell of a time trying to take shots of my decks without getting some sort of glare or reflection on them in one place or another.



wow. that looks awesome. white perspex as a background? cool. is the perspex bent or anything?

my wife has one of those curved background things that they user for bluescreening at her work [video production], and i was always tempted to make a white one of them out of plywood. have you ever tried that sort of thing?

hmmm. i guess once i get the new boardroom finished, ill have to play around with lighting etc to photograph all my decks.

whats a good sort of light to make a soft light box out of? small fluoro tubes? low wattage or something?

you dont have any pics of your setup that you use to photograph your decks, do you? (light box/positioning/deck background/background behind camera, etc).

sorry, im just trying to pick your brain, so i can get my decks photographed with minimal fuss. ive got 100 or so decks to take photos of, so i’d love to get em right off the bat, and not have to recorrect to get it right halfway through and start from scratch all over again.

until i saw your photos, i never realised how good deck photos could look. how it could make the colours pop so much. i always just took my decks outside, whacked my camera on a tripod, switched off the flash, and blazed away. so i wound up with deck pics like these:

(very out of date… due to be updated to include 20 or so new decks)

im really just trying to minimse reflections/shadows such as those off the noses/ tails of the decks. and get an even colour in the stain of the decks.

hmmmm. i guess trial and error is going to be the key.

light boxes are a good starting point though. thanks. any other info would be a total bonus.

and damn… that Turner looks soooooooo sweet.

man, those boards look great Tim!

luv the turner - they are beauuuutiful boards. i had the pleasure of seeing a great many of them in the states before moving out here. if you haven’t seen one in the flesh you don’t know how awesome they look. they require more of a parallel forward stance than the decks made now which are wider and accommodate the surfer stance better.

hope to see you at the next slalom jam on April 30 at Allawah!