Trackers are here!

6 tracks have landed… 161mm of grindin love. :smiley:
rockets maybe by friday.

Braden - love the new deck - thanks.

Put me down for some rockets when you get them.

Lewis couldnt get his heel/kick flips going on his BDS then realised it was his new shoes not the deck.

BTW - why doesnt somebody out there design a shoe for street skaters with a replacable friction pad around the toes. My boys wear out a brand new pair of sneakers in about 3 weeks.



Carey, you need to get some Shoe Goo. Pile it on the ollie effected area. It locks onto the griptape like the bottom of your skateshoe. Now watch them ollie over your car.

Get them carving bowls puberty with hopefullymake them see the way and ditch the twigflipper stuff :laughing:

true fletch. my boy’s mates moved on to the next thing when they couldn’t kick flip ollie onto a rail with a weeks practice but i managed to keep him interested riding tranny at the park. he’s 14 (poor bastard - puberty is upon him) but he’s cool. we’re getting a new bowl nearby soon. then we’ll get serious!