Vallely Elephant Red Reissue Deck 2008

Hey guys,

Been a while since I have logged on here, sort of got carried away with other interests.

I was cleaning out my shed the other day and came across a Vallely Elephant Reissue Deck in the red colour way - it’s in great condition but doesn’t have any wrap.

I was going to eBay it, but before I do, thought it would be best going to a home that will take care of it or ride it, whatever the new owner sees fit.

Not sure on price, but have seen similar decks go for a bit, so at this stage throw some offers or pm me.

I may be interested , throw up a pick Phal please mate

Pics up.

I have placed it on eBay if you wanna have a look, link is below … 1555.l2649

That was a good price!

Damn right!

I wonder if it went to someone here in Oz or someone overseas.