I have completed the valmorification process and avoided getting bashed for posting 1,000 times.

Danger Danger Will Robinson, devolutionary alien life forms from the planet VB have begun to respawn and multiply … Break Out The Lasers Don!

Thats a load of horse feathers. you havent completed 1000 posts if you are using new account on Charlie. You have done 980 posts with your old account and 1 with the new.

Bashings are called for , for having a second account. Whats wrong with posting 1000 times. I did 666 on my Birthday and didnt even sprout Horns and a tail (yet :smiling_imp: )



robots already, I was’nt finished with samurai yet.

Davros, the subject of this thread is bashing Steve/SkateExec/Thommo, not only for approaching his 1,000th post, but for resorting to such feeble means to evade the consequences. Moreover, I must inform you that your project to Destroy the Doctor is entirely redundant, since the Doctor himself is already progressing steadily towards this goal.

My question to yourself and the alleged ‘Thommo’ is this: what kind of an emotionally dysfunctional f*&^er would feel a need to own more than one persona on a website like this?

A probing and highly pertinent question posed by Drstoopid there for the so-called ‘Thommo’ (this isn’t cricket dude!)

UMm Doesnt the Doctor have more than one account. There must be an end to all these dodgy 2nd accounts (except of course for mine).

In actual fact there are only 15 members of CHarlieDOntSkate all the other accounts are duplications where the password has long been forgotten

I agree. CHarlie needs an account activation and verification

Awww I was just tired of the old nic and figured 40 years was good a reason as any to change.




I OBEY ONLY THE EMPEROR DALEK. THE Dr. is an agent of Davros.

SILENCE - your. futile. arguments. are. the. work. of. an. emotional. overeducated. mind. - your. flaw. is. your. ageing. frail. biological. chassis. The. Dalek. army. requires. your. supply. of. small. hydrocarbon. based. rollers.

All of your multiple tight short/long sock/headband wearing, personalities have been l.o.c.a.t.e.d.

We. have. obtained. genetic. material. from. Tony. Alva. who. foolishly. visited. you. commandcentre.

We. are. cloning. a race. of. Daleks. with. supreme. egos.

You. cannot. escape us.

We. will. be able. to. travel. over. any. surface.

We. have. robbie. the. robot. your. primitive. forebear.

We. have. discovered. the. secrets. of. your. primitive. machine. workings.

Your. mechanical. dog. will. be. next.