Video of Roseville/Pymble

If this works, you should be able to view the first instalment in the 78 oldskool epic “Do You Fit the Shorts?”. The first smaller bit is me and Lopez at Roseville. After that it is all Pymble, starring Wedge, Errol, Johnny McGrath, Peter Aitken, Barney, Kelvin the Borf, Lopez and me (with brief cameos by several other wellknown skaters including Biff, Tim Whitton, Dave Mock and Brad Shaw).

I extracted my stills on Ancient Haunts from this footage. Everything in the film was filmed on two different occasions in 78 but the footage is edited and mixed together (watch the continuity errors with Errol’s ever-widening ever-shrinking Alva!). There is a soundtrack of sorts (all created note by note by me on Fruity Loops). Sorry for the waste of megabytes for the leader and titles - the software I have at the moment only allows me to split, not edit the footage.

3 more exciting instalments to follow soon …

OK, it streams real slow, even with broadband (don’t attempt without). Should be find to download and then playback from your own hard disk.

I dig the pioneers,
the one’s who travelled
where no cat has gone
I dig the pioneers,
the one’s who made it up,
and didn’t even stop to see
what was goin’ on in their wake.
I dig the pioneers…
They just loved the movin’
the thrill of the chase,
the cats who came out of the blue.
Outside she saw a guitar-shaped
swimming pool…
I dig the pioneers…
(Dave Graney)

Awsome footage.

cool ,nice one dude, a rare gem… :smiley:

Being one of the mere mortals that never got to savor the delights of Pymble or Roseville pipes back in the day, it is good to see some footage of you guys riping it up.

Great work Bill.

That brought back fantastic memories of the eraly morning sessions at the pool, trying to learn rock and rolls on the love seat, grinds etc before the other skaters arrived. Lets see more! :smiley:

Roseville Pipe is still there!!!

Yes Mosu, Roseville is still there, so is the boatramp, and they are both enroute to this Sunday’s pool party!!! (anyone got any sandbags for the pipe?)

Also, more pool footage soon.