Visiting Sydney for a couple days - Bondi - Saturday?


I frequent skull and bones and mentioned there that I would be in town starting Saturday. My thread on skull and bones

Seems like the place to go is Bondi Saturday.

My flight arrives at 6am - so if I am not toast, can figure how to get to Bondi from my hotel near the airport - and don’t get tempted to see some other wonderful attraction of your fair city - I’ll head over to Bondi!

Anyone expect to be at Bondi Saturday?

One more thing - any hints on transportation between the airport area and Bondi? Public transportation or is renting a car the only real option?

Public transpost is an option but takes to long.
Hire cars are expensive (plus you got to pay for Parking at Bondi)

consider a taxi probable be $30 Aust dollars from Air port to Bondi (maybe $22 US dollars)
Bondi always has someone there . Early (9->12) Saturday you will see the MAS*H crew having a roll. in the afternoon most the rippers appear to shread the bowl

Have fun

(If the Taxi tries to charge you more than $40 Aussie Dollars truck him over the head and leg it!!!)

Yeah mate - the taxi may be the way to go - bowl etc is at the south end of the beach, you can’t miss it!

The earlies we get there is about 7am to beat the groms, usually someone hangs around till about 12ish. Come on down and beat the jetlag!!

Guys! I’m here now and it’s raining!

Hmmm…I may hold out 'till 11ish to see if the rain lets up.

I think I’ll be taking public transportation.

I’m hoping to wander down after lunch - missus can take Bub for a walk, and I’ll skate!

rains letting up. hope you get a roll happening

I was at Bondi from 11.30am to 2.30pm - when the rain started again. Guess I missed you matey! Ah well - it was worth a try!

Heading down to bondi in the morning, skoots got the slalem bug again and can"t get points for to rolls. We went to the 5 dock meating it was very positive chad and mulhalls’ ideas are starting to gell for the better. Hope to see you guys in the morning. Hows the knee mosu ?

O.K… OUR INTREPID SKATER DID TURN UP AROUND 3. I think he’s back to bondi tomorrow.
Wedge / Braden / one-T, he is coming to melb on tuesday night so I will try and get some contact details…really nice guy