Viva!! Los Bottom feeders Sydney.

After a good fifteen years of not skating at all regularly, I decided to jump on a Longboard, with the intention of doing a bit of street cruising, mainly for a bit of fitness and fun combined. Didnt take long to find myself riding that 40 incher in some of the good parks I was seeing while out and about doing deliveries. Shit, I could still ride, sought of, so ordered a 34 inch 9.5 Bowl board from Conspiracy Skateboards, 97 duro Alienshot wheels, 169 Indys and started rolling more regularly.
For a while there I thought I was the only damm fool of 40 risking injury and ridicule, but started bumping into a few other old boys sneaking in an uncrowded mid week session at the Bra, Dullwich etc. Unreal!! not alone.
So its been great to meet Scott, the Steves, the Marks, Dave, and all the other members of the Bondi Bottom feeders Association. Having a bunch of blokes your own age to ride with, get advice on tricks and equipment from, and most importantly to push each other is pretty cool. By the way its Andy. Hopefully see you blokes on Saturday morning if the Weather Permits. Glad I slipped in a quick one at Bondi Wednesday Morning, My legs were shaking after a couple of tile hitting runs though!!!

hey good to see you here KK my 50:50 buddy!

you’re spot on with the leg wobbles at Bondi and the slightest sketchyness gets amplified x10 by the speed factor in the big girl I reckon. Gets the blood pumpin that’s for sure!

Hey Andy, you should try a big ass carve the deep on my bigfoot with its thong rubber bushings. You get use to it but. I had major death wobbles at the Bra at first. Till I practiced and relaxed my feet. Seems to be more about control than strength. I remember when you hit Bondi for the first time and was hittn tile in no time. My 8 wheeler will be fully set up tonight. Cant wait. If the weathers good I’ll be at Bondi tomorrow morning. Till about 8:30am. 8 wheelin the park. And Bigfootin the bowl.

Yeah I know what you mean about the wobbles at Bondi - particularly after a few runs into the deep end, the major wobbles come in trying to crawl out of the shallow end!

After I’ve finally moved house I intend to get down there more often in the hope that I can can a bit fitter/stronger etc…

But I’ll be there on Saturday(hopefully real early)!!

Hey Andy! Good to see you on board! :smiley: (It’s Dave)

If you’re hitting tile at Bondi already then I hope you’re padding up?

Speaking of sneaking out to get a skate, I caught Scott during his work lunch break on Tuesday at Maroubra! That is dedication, especially since he was at Bondi before work and heading out to Dulwich after work!

Hopefully we’ll get a roll on the weekend if the rain holds out :confused: