Wanted Gullwing Pro 3's or Super Pro's Sidewinders Trucks Us

Guys chasing a set in any cond if you have some to part with.

Reissue one’s or OG 80’s , there going on a rider so any cond should be cool

thanks :smiley:

Arr yea and a Black Lapper as well :smiley:

Hey Ratboy,

I may have set of these trucks, I’ll let you know when I return from the States on 26th October 2015.

Remind me if I don’t confirm soon after the 26th Oct!

G’Day Dave , thanks mate for the reply , but I’m all good , i scored a set :smiley:

But what you could help me with is a ticket to come straight over to finish the tour with you guys …lovin the photos mate 8)