wedged risers on setups

can anyone tell me the way to set wedged risers up on a slalom board have got a pp dpeters, tracker rts andrtx trucks and manx69,s do both face the same way with small edge facing front?

I thought that the small edge should be placed to face each other. That should increase the “turning” of the trucks

We should wait for Skoot or Haggy for a final word on this subject.

(have a suspision that one wedge on front should be enough)

The small end of wedge to go towards the outside of deck = wedging = more turn. Small end towards the middle of deck = de-wedging.
On slalom setups you will find that wedging the front and running the rear flat or de-wedged will work.

thought so thats what i got told but was thinking like like mosu thanks hey scott when is the next slalom get together down mortdale way

sorry i meant allawah
john the pom

Soon I hope. Just check here for info on sessions. Haggy and Bugs are putting on another timed comp at P5 olympic carpark soon. That’ll be great slalom day.

The thin edge of the wedge should face forward on both the front and rear truck. That’ll increase the amount of turn on the front truck and decrease the amount of turn on the rear truck. But it’s all personal preference as to how steep the wedges are - I’m running about 15 deg on the front and 10 deg on the rear. The deeluxo solution is to buy one of these:

But you can make your own wedges out of wood, plastic or any old thing. Just need to get some long bolts. for the fat ends.

I’m up for a session next weekend at Allawah, and I should be able to bring the timing system just for fun. No organised event, just a practise session. Saturday? Sunday? Let me know some preference.

Next race is tentatively planned for March 18th at P5 at Homebush.