Wednesday Night Melbourne sessions

For a while now some Wednesday night crew (many who live in Newport) have been skating Newport quite a bit and posting under “Newport under Lights”.

For variety (and to put lurking grommets off the scent) we have taken to skating a few other parks which share the common characteristic that they have roll ins of some description. This works well for timid old folk, learners, injured types, young kids in tow and guys like me who dig bowls and parks with roll ins.

So here’s a new thread to reflect where we are at. We will post the location of each weeks skate here.

PS: A big night out to Ballarat may even happen. A few of us are really keen, the park is great but totally packed on weekends. I know it’s not in Melbourne but hey, close enough. Yeah it’s got roll ins, heaps of em. :slight_smile:

point cook 's roll in is sick!

hi to the new thread!

Love your work Hambo. Good idea morphing the thread
Ballarat trip sounds great. The sooner the better. Cant wait to get a flow going up there, the park looks like it has even more lines than Box Hill.

Eamon I wish Point Cook did have a roll in, its a hooter of a bowl 8)

So, where is it all happening next Wednesday night? Did I hear someone say Bulleen before dark? mmmmmm

Newport, think of it not as good bye, but only farewell :frowning:

Good on ya Hambo, trail blaze it.
Eamon, no use posting a sesh for Pt Cook here, no one takes it up, i will take care of it again thru the moss filter system, we got close last week, 0ne vote off. At least we revisted coburg back a few weeks, that was on the outer for a while. I cant understand why crew shun these great set ups that have so much variety in the one bowl, mini to vert, tighter trannies and bowled ends equals endless lines and speed. :smiling_imp:

a new thread and one big happy family again…(ahhh…‘sigh’)

your right jimmy, and going from the regional moss email i got today point cook is on 5/12. hope to see you there. can’t wait to skate with big crew there again it’s been so long.

Back to Newport this week boys and girls. Sunshine forecast for the early evening. Extra lights forecast for the later part of the evening.

Hey Braden, if you are coming can you please bring some grip tape. Thanks.

I’ll be in melbs tomorrow for some job interviews so will see you guys at Newie…havent skated banks or bowls for ages looking forward to it

With huge changes going on the jungle l have had very little skate time in recent weeks , looking forward to catching up with everyone for a roll. BRING IT ON!!!

I won’t be there guys, my old boss is having a going away (read drinking lots of beer til all hours of the night!)

sWEET AS bro eh Oats cuz frkn Kiwis make me talk eh oats
back in Oz may partake in some of your recreational pursuits this evening I say what hmmph yes :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

hey braden,if u get this in time,could u bring extra griptape 4 a skinnish board 8*32 cheers chris

Top action packed session last night…

Next week we are thinking
Sandy (7pm til about 8pm)
Cheltenham under lights… (8pm til late).

Wednesday night was a great session (Big turn out).
Will be up for Sandy and Chelts.


Sorry guys was sick as…see youse at sandy

Skated Ballarat with Peter Rowe (retro skate) this morning a wed night session will be awesome there. :smiley:

Ballarat…yeah, we gotta do it one Wednesday night.
I was thinking sometime around the end of January when all our bosses are still down at Portsea, or Lorne. Then we can slink off early and be on the road at say 4.30pm.
If anyone is going up during their holidays, let us all know.

Another session that we could think about for Wednesday night is Jell’s Park (followed by BoxHill!). Say most of February for that one, to be ready for the comp in March.

This week its 7pm at Sandringham Bowl (Royal Avenue), followed by Cheltenham under lights.

as an alternative to chelts:
anyone want to meet at newport for a beer and a skate b4 dark, or perhaps the ring of fire for a romantic after-dark rendevous?

whattup mc chunkie-mac-chunk-daddy? whaatuppp mc- monkey-dope-monkey-boiy?


wish I could, but cant skate tonight
hope to see ya’s next week