Just got the quote in from my sticker man for these decals.
They will printed in 5 colours die-cut to shape on clear polyester and measuring 125mm X 95mm.
Now the crunch…250 off are $7.85 each
500 off are $4.40 each
1000 off are $2.69 each
I’m happy to fund the run but need to get some idea on the numbers.
There pricey little bastards but the low quantity run stuffs up the price

Clay, have you tried a label printer with a digital machine?

Way too much $ to venture Clay. Someone will come up with an alternative.

Sign guys can print straight to vinyl. Wont get the sweet clear background look though.

As always I was going for a top quality product;just like those other stickers that where done(of which I still have shit-loads)if any body wants more just say the word.

What stickers are they? I may well be up for a few!

Make up some packs and price em Clay. I’ll take some.

Me too.

I am in too!

count me in too clay!
i just downloaded the wes humpton pic and printed it onto some gloss A4 sticker sheets from office works. They’re no good for the car etc(rain smudges em) but they’re sweet for the decks and helmets and stuff.

Oh yes please

Thanks again Clay, dont forget me!