More than six months in the making (he’s a busy guy!)
This graphic will sadly never see a board, but expect to see stickers and T-shirts in the near future.

Hell yeh! Put me down for whatever comes!

How cool is that braden? You must be stoked!

Did you say T-shirts…put down for 2
SH#T hot Braden…well done

Size L T-shirt and stickers for me please!

count me in 2! looks wicked

i love it i am in for one differnetly :wink:

Cool guys, thanks!

Seriously rad Braden, with sk8historical lineage and integrity to boot ! Not to mention it looks fncken great.

T’s and decals, count me in.

Hell yeh. Sweet. Bring it on.

Yep im in, Looks very cool … what about a Pith helmet for summer??


Add me to the shopping list! - T’s, stickers

i’m in - T and stickers

Yeah, m size T & stickers thanks Braden.Cool graphic !

hey Braden, why wont it make it on to a deck? copyright reasons? it’d look sick on the charlie decks…

Bulldog art belongs on Bulldog boards I reckon!
To the CDS boards, you want the good news or the bad news?
Bad news is they will be $145.00 each…this price means I will make my money back after keeping some for deserving individuals and a couple for prizes for the upcoming SOSJAM and MOSSJAM.
The good news is they will be the lightest, strongest most custom thing ever to leave f13. We are going for formica top and bottom with light ply in between.
The Bondi will have Scott’s graphic, but they’re screeners are backed up.
This means the 10.5 will be first, no graphic…black top and bottom.

So whats the final on the 10.5 wheel wells and routing, formica top and bottom? can i have 17" wb?