What happened to the domain?

You may have noticed our domain name changed from charliedontskate.com to skateboard.net au

What’s with that?

We forgot to renew the domain, it expired and we lost it. The person who bought it is not giving it back, you are welcome to try, they are using the links and traffic to sell ads etc.

We have moved the forum on to skateboard.net.au

Post up if something is not working for you

Tim Kreger registered charliedontskate.com.au.
He might be able to help

I’m back, what did I miss? Apart from letting the domain name slip away.
Apologies for that but had to move North for the good of my families health and sanity. Then struggled through years of financial hardship…anyhoo all good now and raring to go.
Had a fantastic time down in Canberra, reconnecting with everyone and introducing my daughter who has abandoned team sport to the brother /sisterhood. Big thanks to Pangy and the crossers for a great weekend!

Hey Hop, managed to sign in and having a look around. I noticed that www.charliedontskate.net is available…worth getting or do you not want the hassle?

It might be nice to have a charlie dont skate domain again.
Losing charliedontskate.com is not a big deal. The domain had been torched by Google. The algorithm changed around 2010-13 a few times against forums. The main issue was the forum was set up to allow sign ups and a do follow link in the person profile. So spammers were bulk registering and creating links. At some stage in 2010-13 those links became toxic when google torched the domain, basically purged it from the index and then punishing anyone who linked from the domain. It was then used by black hat seo people to take down people’s domains. If you auto generated a bunch of links from Charlie, you could affect someone’s ranking in a negative way. When Google torches a domain, takes a few years to recover, it may never recover. So starting with a new domain, no Google history, could be a good thing. There is no rush, we can do it anytime.

If skaters start using the forum again, I think it would be a good move.

Black hat seo people?!..geezuz.
This latest phbb yes?..forum looks good. Where are the photos stored?
I dont know about other skaters but facebook is bullshit, all the interesting groups where people can be themselves are members only. Your reconciliation post for example got one like/dislike!?! wtf.