What would your perfect board be?

I need length, width, wheelbase, tail, nose (length,shape) concave.
And before you ask…I’m only thinking about it!

9 inch to 8.25 inchs wide, 32 inchs long and wheel base 17 inch. would like a carbon fiber layer similar to the Santa Cruz power Lyte series.

Definitely has to have good concave would like a symetric board where nose length=tail length.

is tail length measured from tip of tail to where it joins the deck or is it tip of tail to first bolt holes of back truck? If tail length is the former then nose and tail length of 5 inchs. If the later then 7 inchs

8.75, 32, 15wb square tail, point nose. Mild concave. Maybe some routing a la SIMS etc circa 1980 (Bowman, Lamar) - Aussie Errol / Biff models with drum sanded wheel wells…

Gloss paint/graphic rather than stain/clear.

I guess this board exists in many makes but there’s not a combination of all the above that I know of.

33 or 34" long 10" wide 16 to 17"wb 7" tail 5" nose both kicked deep concave square tail and formica bottom a bastard child of a shitbird/pool pirate would be ideal with graphic by wes

But then having the ideal board would ruin the idea of having a quiver of boards to suit different parks, im now skating selected boards for certian parks.

Shitbird HH11, indy 169 blackfarts for smooth tight bowls and my mini (still not sure i like 9" width)
BDS Bulldog(10"), destructo, mini dubs tight pools
BDS Griffin(12"), indy 215, Dub Cons for bigger bowls
BDS pipe bomb(11") indy 149 80a shogo’s for open smaller rough bowls and steet cruising
Pool King Pirate with mods is on the drawing board.

You can never have too many skaters

Pimp that pirate ride Fletch!
Hope to have BDS BLACK DEATH for it soon.

Project pirate pimp is under way looks like a peice of shit but that is normal for most projects will cleean up ok want to skate it 2morrow night

Currently trying the 6.5 destructo’s with red/orange 97a mini dubs which is just shy of flush will go to black death minis which i should have soon have been in the post somewhere for the last month.

if i like the narrower truck, wider wheel will go to some modded 169 indies courtesy of one T’s lab.

otherwise will be 215,s and shitfires/IPS

the deck feels ok but big in the st and on the mini its a weighty number they say dogs are like their owners skates might be the same fo me. it quite a bit heavier than the bulldog model of the same width

Stay tuned

Well project PPP is nearing completion the deck anyway it has entertained a number of power and hand operated tools in its makeover

“ArrrH me Hearties” is not quite “hello darlings” although colours are now such a dilenma

next decision will be the running gear leaning towards a trad popsicle look with the wide indies and 60mm hard fast wheels

colour is decided and drying as we speak… is starting to look quite spiffy I must say

post a pic of the work in progress!

not smart enough to get pics up in here and you dont see the bride until wedding day

Its been skated in the mini set up with some indy 215 and old sPitfire 64mm wheels.

Myles (9) loves it and wants it lol To me it feels mighty big in the tight enviorns of the mini… will give it a fly at pt cook MOSS sesh on tues.

It is surprising the weight difference between it and the BDS bulldog, and its not much stiffer even with a steeper concave

Some things I did pick up along the way with the Pool Pirate.

The rear truck base plate extends over the curve of the kick. the rear bolt holes are right on the start of the curve. this leaves a gap between base plate and deck behind the bolts.

Also the wheel wells dont line up with the wheels. the wheel contact point is not made in the deepest part of the well…its actually forward of the deep point in the back and to the rear of deep point in the front by about 10mm or so

Will be back in the shed for the pesky seafarer to fix this later in the week

Well the diet seems to have worked it is a bit lighter than a standard Pirate.

I made the mistake of skating my Shitty before giving the best a run. the Pirate felt slow and sluggish in comparison.

However after a break, I loosened the trucks and gave it a gentle squirt at the end of the night (sans pads) and it went quite well. Now just needs some faster wheels and work on the wheel wells.