Whats on the wall at my place!

Attached is a link of whats on the wall at my place at present! not having much wall space it becomes a revolving wall that i never get bored of.

spoonfedcreative.com/gallery … llery.html

may take a small time to load but enjoy! click through the smaller images at the base of the site! Pure Original oldschool!
Cheers ppmurf

Jeez Murf - you got a few decks there! What are the three with the bulldog head on em (three the same in a row)? They look to be a pretty cool shape.

thanks bondi thats about 1/3 of the collection the deck is a powell peralta frankie hill bulldog - i even own the prototype of the bucky lasek stadium which has this bulldog on it and is sized marked and signed off by lasek himself - very sought after it was - ppmurf

WOW MURF, Jeff phillips rules!

Braden - who is jeff phillips? do you mean jim phillips of santa cruz fame? majority of my collection is vcj / cliver / jimbo and marc mckee - in my honest opinion these 4 guys put skate art on the map!


hi ppmurf jeff philips was a texas skater big in the late eighties he rode for sims cheak out the 1989 ramp riot vid from melbourne he was ripping he had abig indoor park in texas and ibelieved he took his own life some years ago apoligies if all facts are not right

my memories going…meant Jim Phillips!

John - yeah he was a pro on sims then went to bbc before taking his life. I skated in hawaii 18 months back with a friends of his from texas and am heading to texas this year and will hopefully bump into this guy again. Yeah i was at ramp riot at festival hall when phillips skated super underated!