Wheel/truck width v deck width

Sorry crew, another basic question here.

I was mucking around with setting up a board for my wife from various bits and pieces. Thing is, the truck/wheel combo I have is probably close to 11" wide - and the deck is 9" wide. I’ve set it up with risers etc to ensure there’s no wheelbite.

I rode around on it a bit myself on the weekend and it rides really well - I can see myself “borrowing” it a lot!

I’ve not seen a board set-up with the wheels sitting this wide relative to the deck - are there good reasons why? She’ll be doing some gentle ramp stuff and general mucking around.

make sure she scoots with her foot well clear of the wheels…kicking a wheel can cause major faceplants.

wheel bite from the side of the deck can halt the board. keep the trucks tight

New school wheels will work on a 9" deck with sixtracks, 169’s.
If you are using old school wheels you need trucks one size down.