When ya goin ST KILDA ?

off for first gig in the morning being wednesday bout 10.30 if any bods are loose and after a ale at the espy might head back down to the forshore for a ride on the pelicans,

any ups for brunch Thursday/ Friday,
thought would put gap between tues/wed night,

Jello is playing the espy on May 23, be rad to roll st Kilda then head over the road for some old school punk…

Who’s in?

That’s a spoken word gig innit? Think the School o Medicine ones are 11th & 12th May at the Corner.

couple of ratbags fallin for a thurs brunch run at 11 if ya loose and sloppy jiblets,

11.45 Thursday

that worked Cheers, nap,

much happier in the daytime, my new favourite place.

10.00 am Friday

did the sea breeze dry things ?

10am today until 12

put me down in 5 weeks,

Heading to St Kilda Sunday morning about 8-8.30am

up for down before lunch friday morning bludgers,

bailin, reckon still be shagged,

one on friday for a pretend thrash skate, gunna pull faces and throw arms around,

Sunday morning if it’s dry.

no wheels,

Packed to the coping.

friday arvo was lucky to be 1/2 doz,