Why I dont Skate Rails

The majority of users on this site myself included are quite happy being vertDawgs. While browsing skateboard.com.au/forum/read … =28201&p=3 I discovered another reason to stay with in my comfort zone (despite my recent knee injury) as well as a reason to say “it could have been worse”. Photo taken by Dix aka Christopher Smith of a fella by the name of Brent


“The Horror”

apologies to the squeamish
Im thinking of adding a cricket box to my “protection”

There’ll be swelling to match.

F*cken OUCH!

Give me transition and vert any day…

Why do kids these days wanna do that to themselves. The worst I remember doing was slipping of da push bike pedals…crunch, ya know what I mean.
That pic sent shockwaves down my spine…F#@K