Widest grip tape

Just checking if anyone has found a source for 11" wide griptape? I figure I’ll probably end up using two sheets though with a go-fast stripe down the middle!

As an aside, I just got off the phone with Boarders.

Me: “Can you tell me what the widest griptape you carry is?”
Boarders: “10”. They don’t make skateboards wider than 10"."
Me: “Well, actually, they do.”
Boarders: “No mate, they don’t.”

Hmmm… Funny as I’ve never had problems with them in the past.

Skaterbuilt and a few other sites who like wide decks have grip in 12"

Thanks Fletch but I was hoping to pick it up locally. I guess I’ll be in the US in early Feb and I could pick it up then… and it’s not like my knee is going to let me skate until Easter so I can certainly wait!

What about some nostalgia? Go down the hardware, buy some rough-arse sand paper and glue it on - ghetto stylin 1980. Was good 'til deck got wet but proper grip was so expensive…

ahhhh th green or pizza style sandpaper and a tube of quik grip…loved those fumes

I usually just use a sheet of 8" Fly Paper and then cut a pattern out of it. That way there is some space to help it fit the wider board I ride.

We used to get those sticky back sanding discs from the hardware store, cut them up and stick them to the decks. Theres nothing like some good old 40 grit to rip the skin of your fingers.


Or you can get that el-cheapo old school look by using some old shag pile carpet! :smiley:

Carpet for the blue tile lounge, sounds like that dream of mine was a premonition ,bass wombat 8) 8)