Worlds oldest skater

No need to feel old!

This guy is 83 now!

you reckon he’s still kickin?

i don’t plan to be skating at 60+ - am spending too much at the physioo now… :blush:

I feel 83 and Ive only been skating for a couple of weeks…hopefully I’ll feel 15 when the muscles learn to appreciate what my mind does with skating!!!

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WTF is that about…is MM a spammer?

Leah, u might feel 83 but you dont look it

spanner or spammer

Sorry I was feeling a bit bored or board. Sitting here incapicated - which is what spammers must be. I imagined some awful institution in India, full of people without legs who get around on old skateboards sitting in front of rebored 386’s picking on dead threads on internet forums to see if we would buy a piece of maui - which is probably a still glowing lava flow. What they inadvertantly do I have noticed is breath new life into old threads. I thought the elderly gent’s F/S was a candidate for resucitation.

See Fletch - you couldn’t resist replying to Lean 14 months later.

“spanner” hahahaha havent heard that term used in many a yr.

We will soon see all the call centres filled with incapacitaded indians realising that the old midget farrely’s, surfer sam’s, golden breed’s and bahnes etc are worth more than a years pay and will flooding onto ebay.

ebay add

I am having one slightly used and in very very very good condition skating board. It is being called bahne super flexy and i would be liking it everso much for you to be buying him. it will provide my family with everlasting wealth.

Ima Currymuncha.


No offence is meant by the above and if if any is taken, please apply to the relevant gov’t department for a sence of humour. In the event that offence is not taken, there is no govt department.

Michael, you must be bored!!
Hows the knee healing? Whats the doc said about it?

Fletch, I don’t think they knew what a skateboard was in India back in the day!!(wouldn’t surprise me if they still didn’t know today, bloody curry munchers! hang on, I like curries and come from Sri Lanka, does that me me a curry muncher too? Oh, very, very good then!)

Even if they did, they still wouldn’t have been able to afford one!(more likely they would have to spend their life savings to buy one!)

Dispensing with from collection of mine.

1975 Hydrabad Rajistan deck (solid 2 inch teak with mother of pearl inlay graphics featuring the thousand faces of Buhda wearing the visage of the many moods of Mad Tony Alva Dog.)- indian copy of S&G FlexFibre model of America. Some cracking but bears the wieght of 15 Elephants.
fitted with Hindustan trucks and Wheels which are without naming brand but are faithful copies of upper class English wheels, which are copies of Australian Wheels which are copies of wheels from America being the paws of power. These wheels have the esteemed open bearing setup being easy to clean - It is necessary to throw only the skateboard into the Ganges on the length of a rope and to come back the next week and the wheels are free and rolling with the spirit of the great river lubricated with its holy mud.

Willing to trade for Flex Super Bahne or Most obscure of colonial masterpieces - a TRAX, double kick - styling free board.

there was another dude by the name of DOC BALL who skated every day up until his death(late 70’s or early 80"s).DOC BALL was a legend in the surfing community and also known for his photography 8) I doubt he skated UPLAND like that dude though. 8)

Suffering is knee from ligament damage. Yet to determine extent of such calamity.

Damn, ligament damage. How long are you off the board for?

Lord Budda said he looks forward to the day you can recommence your weekly pilgrimages to the blue tile lounge(one holy sk8 spot)

Don’t know yet - but it feels like it may be a while. In the 4 hands of the many headed god of skateboarding. However - Happy to come by the blue tile lounge and shoot some snaps of you when you rip a new areshole in the bowl and grind the bitch.

Returning to the subject of this thread - ably hijacked by a spanner in the works. Check out the way that 63 yr old gent said he feels so good after 6 hours skating. Mighty fine d%$^gs in his freezer.

Do you believe that he can go for 6 hours straight???
I’m buggered after a few hours!

Is this bloke still alive???

If he is, maybe we could get him online for a coment.