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rare as hens teeth. join
be prepared to part with good money

alternatively put in an order in for the new charliedontskate board

thanx mosu, dont worry the charliedontskate board will be also on order.

Are you looking for the 9.25 or the 8.5?
Mals board is the 9.25inch.I’ll let you in a little secret;Their is a ebay store called Skincrazy who have 6 of them(9.25),but he wants to ship them land and being an impatient bastard I can wait the 2-3 months that will take.I’m trying to get the lot sent by air but they have’nt returned my email as yet.See how you go!

PS…They are $56.00 or $58.00 USD each
F#@%^! Cheap if you ask me!

thanks clay, let us know if you have any luck. i’ll keep tryin too.

guess who has a black label, Jeff Grosso board???
this one is brand new with the black and white logo on the bottom (coke label ripoff)
I have had this board as a wall display only. Not sure if I can part with it though, I get attached to my collection!

If you get desperate and cant find another, let me know…maybe

Hey Sean is that a 9.25? or an 8.5

Chris…it measures 9.25 inches…the deck that is!
( I think “RON JEREMY” , XXX movie star had a deck that size! )

try somthing else and support the us wood factories decks made in china should be boycoted

I have one,
in my stash of black labels,
a red one, red cross days, (rare, with a “c”)
looks like every one all of a sudden wants them
This could be lucrative???
on sizes, the coke one is 9.25 so is the ltd’s, all the same shape.
i can get my hands on the 8.5 which is the face only. As i can assure with the full size, my favorite to ride, big wheelbase (16),
the best decission from swapping from a hosoi( got the set of those too)