Yes Bring back the good old days.....

Hi All
Well just read the story in the Sunday Magazine about this site and I have just got one thing too say! Oh Baby I’m finding my old board and going nuts.
It’s being about 14 years between thrash sessions but its time.
Some major work will need to be done on the old hawk board, man I can’t wait.
I’m a melb boy so I will keep my eye on the forum for next get together.
Lets Skate soon

Wellcome Smallville!
There are 2 weeknight sessions a week plus early mornings to choose from.

Hi Smallville,
If you like gettin up real early in the morning check the Sk8 b4 work thread in sandpit for some morning sessions from about 6am, usually @ box hill but occasionally we go elsewhere.
Look forward to seein you there!!

Thanks for the warm welcome mates,
As soon as I get the old board up and going (this weekend) Im there!
See you soon