Hey all, my beautiful Mrs picked up a SMA NATAS at a garage sale for $1!

Before y’all piss yer pants - it’s in about $1’s worth of condition :wink:

It has the rare and extra crap tracker plastic base plate six-tracks and Vision blur wheels. The thing has been left outside for ever and has some serious delam issues.

Pics to follow, photobucket is playing up. Anywhere else I can web host shots free to post here?

Dayum! I wish I could find an even half decent skate a garage sale…last one I found was sold about 2 seconds before I turned up…

No matter the condition, its still a good score mate! Guess you could turn it into a rider rather than a wall hanger? Or perhaps undertake the restoration from hell?

Oh she aint fixable. The plys are sooo separated. The deck looks like it was lost at sea. Bitta fun to hang in the shed.

Nice one Steve, might make this it’s own topic…sure there are some good stories out there…