11" Pigs by Lonnie Toft - Pyramid Power is back

Lonnie’s first prototype 4-wheel model is an 11" pig with a pure rocker design.

  1. Hand made with Bamboo, Fiberglass and Epoxy Resign.
  2. Pure Rocker Design.
  3. 4 or 5 Ply
  4. Flat or Slight Concave
  5. Round or Snub-Nose

The 4-ply deck has moderate flex for a rider of 200 lbs and under, while the 5-ply deck has very little flex. Both 4 and 5-ply models are currently being evaluated by Team Toft.

The Dimensions of the Model #1 deck are as follows:

Length: 33"
Width: 11"
Wheelbase: 18.25" - 18.75"
Tail Length: 7.5"

The Wheelbase may be modified by 1/2" depending on rider preference.

toftdesigns.com/index.html :smiley:

Saw these on the BDS forum a while ago. Or a prototype. Hey did you know that you can type the word prototype with only the top row of buttons. Cool that the Toft bamboo 8’s are available.