2019 Skate Australia Skateboarding Vert Championships

The 2019 Skate Australia Skateboarding Vert Championships was on in May, anyone have any details?

It was the selection event for the World Roller Games? Has an Australian team been selected? @bernie

I was talking to pres of SA about it last night.
It was on Trev’s ramp. Couple of slams cause upset. Report should be on FB withTrev

One person is attending, who is not a vert skater, this is due to issues between Renton and Trev. WRG and Skate Australia is a joke. The WRG website is frightening just quietly.

ASRA has been working with Skate Australia, and I have previously been scathing of Karen, who runs Skate Australia. I have had long conversations with her, and she is good person, that gets a lot of sh!t put on her, and keeps going. Skate Australia is basically like ASRA, they have no or little government funding, it was taken back to a volunteer organisation. So anyone who is left and still working is in it for the right reasons.

Karen helped me get IDF introduced to World Skate. World Skate is the new FIRS, and the one looking after skating in the Olympics. ISF (Renton’s crowd) has been merged into World Skate. It is basically a committee of World Skate looking after street and park skateboarding. World Skate rep in Australia is Skate Australia. The Australia version of all this is Karen at Skate Australia is the big boss and Renton looks after street skating, but he needs the Skate Australia as the National Accredited sporting body to do anything.

Skate Australia are doing good things, they are a different org than a few years ago.

World Roller Games is an interesting event. The problem the skaters have is it is a “roller” games. Skateboarding (street/park) does not really need a big event to showcase itself because they are already in the Olympics and they have events like Vans series, Dew, and xgames etc. Also we are in the middle of the world qualifying period for the Olympics. So all street and park skaters worth anything will be trying to qualify. You get NO points for competing in the WRG.

Vert’s problem is they are not an Olympic sport. The IOC has sort of said the path to become an Olympic sport is via WRG. So if vert does not have a good showing, it is like saying to the IOC, nah we’re good, pick another sport. If you look at the strength of the other roller sports, they are all gunning hard to show off there sport.

WRG is a bit of a prettiest pig competition. Downhill will be there this year after years of lobbying. And yes, it is a lame hill but we are sending all our best skaters to represent the sport. They are all going hard, and making the most of it, putting on a show. Whatever it takes to get that IOC blessing.

The whole Renton vs Trev saga is really a footnote on the toilet stalls graffiti, not even graffiti, just that small pen ink writing you can hardly read. Remember all the snowboarders who boycotted the first Olympics. We all remember who they are right? Nup they were just daisies that got in the way of the streamroller of progress. :slight_smile: