A Roll at Balmoral anyone?

I realize that as the " new bowl in town " DA EEL BOWL" is going to be the focus this weekend, if its up and running. But, does anyone feel like hitting the Balmoral Bowl for a sesh at the Weekend, you know, something different, keep you on ya toes etc. It is fun in a tight backyard pool kinda way…

Balmoral is awsome to ride, i dont think i can make it this weekend but im peachy keen to get back there.

had a roll there bout 2 months ago & it felt too slippery & too small however I went there last Sun & really enjoyed it.the slipperyness has gone.when I hesitated on the drop in a 13yr old said gently “bend your knees,lean forward,dont think about it”,before I knew it I was carving off the back wall.my young blokes wanna go to the dullo comp on Sat but Sun lunch time onwards I’m keen.

I’m the guest :blush:

this is getting silly now,its Mick T

Mick, lets hit it Sunday Arvo, give me a ring on 0407466806 and we can arrange a time.

Went for a ride at balmoral yesterday. Hadn’t been there before. I thought it was a pretty fun park. The bowl was interesting, but with my bowl skills being relatively abysmal it was not easy. Definitely somewhere i’d like to get back to soon.